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How to pronounce stipend (audio)

Dictionary definition of stipend

A regular payment made to an individual, typically on a regular basis, as a form of salary or compensation.
"The scholarship included a monthly stipend to cover living expenses."

Detailed meaning of stipend

The payment is often made to cover basic expenses, such as living costs, and it is usually less than a full salary. In many cases, stipends are paid to individuals who are in training, apprenticeship, or education programs, such as interns, graduate students, or research assistants. They are also commonly given to people in fields like the arts, where income may be uncertain. The amount of the stipend may be based on factors such as the individual's qualifications, experience, or level of education. Stipends are often seen as a way to support individuals as they gain skills and experience in their chosen fields, and it is not considered as an employment contract.

Example sentences containing stipend

1. Graduate students often receive a monthly stipend.
2. Her stipend covers living expenses during the internship.
3. The artist earned a stipend from the gallery for her work.
4. The company provides an annual stipend for professional development.
5. Many non-profit organizations rely on volunteers rather than offering stipends.
6. The stipend helped him afford his research materials.

History and etymology of stipend

The noun 'stipend' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'stipendium,' which is believed to have originated from 'stips' (meaning 'alms' or 'contribution') and 'pendere' (meaning 'to pay'). In ancient Rome, 'stipendium' originally referred to a payment made to soldiers as their salary or compensation for military service. Over time, the term broadened in usage and made its way into English as 'stipend,' still carrying the notion of a regular payment, typically on a regular basis, as a form of salary or compensation. The etymology of 'stipend' effectively captures its historical association with financial remuneration, emphasizing its role as a noun used to describe a periodic or regular allowance or payment provided to individuals in various fields of work or study.

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Further usage examples of stipend

1. The stipend is part of the compensation package for the job.
2. He received a stipend for his participation in the clinical trial.
3. Teaching assistants often receive a stipend along with tuition remission.
4. The government provides a stipend to some individuals with disabilities.
5. The stipend offered to interns varies depending on the organization.
6. The fellowship program includes a generous stipend for researchers.
7. The stipend covered her housing and meals while abroad.
8. The stipend was a crucial source of income during her studies.
9. Some athletes receive a stipend for representing their country.
10. The stipend helped ease the financial burden of medical school.
11. He donated part of his stipend to a charity he cared about.
12. The stipend was a valuable source of support for the artist.
13. The stipend was a welcome addition to her income as a freelance writer.
14. She received a stipend for her work as a research assistant.
15. The research assistant received a generous stipend for her work on the project.
16. The internship offered a small stipend to help offset transportation costs.
17. The university provides a stipend to graduate students who work as teaching assistants.
18. The fellowship program provides a generous stipend, along with access to valuable resources and networking opportunities.
19. The artist was awarded a stipend to support the creation of a new work.
20. The company offers a stipend for professional development, encouraging employees to pursue additional training and education.
21. The non-profit organization provides a stipend to volunteers who commit to a certain number of hours each week.
22. The stipend for the summer job was enough to cover the student's rent and food expenses.
23. The government grant includes a stipend to support the research team's efforts.
24. The writer received a stipend from the publishing company to cover expenses while on book tour.
25. The program offers a stipend for travel expenses for students studying abroad.



allowance, non-payment, debt, deduction


Progress and Enhancement, Care and Nurture, Compensation and Rewards, Money and Finance

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