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How to pronounce stricture (audio)


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Dictionary definition of stricture

A restriction or limitation on something, often imposed by a rule or regulation.
"The stricture on immigration was a contentious issue in the election campaign."

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Detailed meaning of stricture

The term can be used in a variety of contexts, such as medical, legal, or social. In medical terms, a stricture refers to a narrowing of a hollow organ, such as the esophagus, intestines, or urethra, which can impede the flow of material through the organ. It is often caused by inflammation or injury, and can lead to symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, abdominal pain, or urinary retention. In legal context, a stricture refers to a rule or regulation that limits or controls the actions of individuals or organizations. It can also refer to a judicial interpretation of a law or regulation that limits its scope or application. In social context, a stricture refers to a set of unwritten rules or conventions that govern behavior or customs in a specific group or community. Overall, a stricture refers to a restriction, constraint, or limitation that is placed on something to control or regulate it.

Example sentences containing stricture

1. Government strictures on public gatherings curtailed events.
2. Creative artists often challenge societal strictures.
3. The stricture on overtime led to improved work-life balance.
4. Economic strictures shaped the country's financial policies.
5. Legal strictures protect intellectual property rights.
6. Gender-related strictures continue to evolve over time.

History and etymology of stricture

The noun 'stricture' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'strictura,' which is derived from 'stringere,' meaning 'to tighten' or 'to bind.' In Latin, 'strictura' originally referred to a constriction or tightening, both in the physical and metaphorical sense. Over time, the term 'stricture' evolved in English to denote a restriction or limitation imposed by a rule, regulation, or authoritative source. The etymology of 'stricture' underscores its historical connection to the concept of something being tightened or bound, reflecting the idea of constraints or limitations placed on certain actions or behaviors, often in a formal or prescribed manner.

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Further usage examples of stricture

1. The committee discussed relaxing environmental strictures.
2. The project faced financial and time-related strictures.
3. Cultural strictures can differ greatly across societies.
4. Adherence to safety strictures is paramount in construction.
5. Political strictures often affect freedom of expression.
6. Strictures on privacy in the digital age are a concern.
7. The artist felt confined by artistic strictures.
8. Strictures on imports impacted the trade industry.
9. They questioned the stricture on academic research.
10. The school's strictures against cheating were well-known.
11. Societal strictures influenced their career choices.
12. Strictures on company policies maintained order.
13. The stricture on noise levels was crucial for peace.
14. Adhering to dietary strictures improved their health.
15. Legal strictures constrained the company's actions.
16. Strictures on public access to information were debated.
17. The industry faced environmental and ethical strictures.
18. Strictures on free speech sparked a heated debate.
19. Cultural strictures can be seen in everyday behavior.
20. The artist challenged traditional artistic strictures.
21. The government imposed strictures on public events.
22. Strictures on data protection were tightened.
23. The project faced multiple budgetary strictures.
24. Economic strictures affected small businesses significantly.



limitation, allowance, freedom, permissiveness


Boundaries and Limits, Command and Constraint, Discipline and Control, Rules and Regulations

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