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How to pronounce sudden (audio)

Dictionary definition of sudden

Occurring or happening quickly, unexpectedly, and without warning.
"The sudden power outage plunged the entire neighborhood into darkness."

Detailed meaning of sudden

It refers to a change, event, or action that takes place abruptly, catching people off guard or surprising them. When something is described as sudden, it implies a lack of preparation or anticipation. It can apply to various aspects of life, such as a sudden change in weather, a sudden burst of laughter, a sudden realization, or a sudden loss. The word "sudden" emphasizes the swift and immediate nature of the occurrence, often leaving individuals startled or astonished due to its unexpectedness.

Example sentences containing sudden

1. The sudden downpour caught everyone off guard, soaking them within seconds.
2. She felt a sudden jolt as the car hit a pothole in the road.
3. The sudden silence in the room made him aware of his own racing heartbeat.
4. Without warning, a sudden gust of wind blew away the papers from the table.
5. The sudden change in his mood left her bewildered and unsure of what to say.
6. A sudden burst of applause erupted from the audience as the performer finished his act.

History and etymology of sudden

The adjective 'sudden' finds its origins in the Middle English word 'sodein,' which can be traced back to the Old French term 'sodain,' and ultimately to the Latin word 'subitaneus.' The Latin root word 'subitus' means 'sudden' or 'unexpected,' and it is formed by combining 'sub,' meaning 'under,' and 'ire,' which means 'to go.' The etymology of 'sudden' subtly reflects the concept of something happening quickly, unexpectedly, and without warning, without explicitly addressing its specific definition. It suggests the notion of events or changes occurring beneath the surface of expectation, much like the word's modern-day meaning.

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Further usage examples of sudden

1. His sudden disappearance raised suspicions among his friends and family.
2. The sudden increase in temperature made it unbearable to stay outside.
3. In a sudden twist of fate, he found himself winning the lottery.
4. The sudden illness prevented her from attending the important meeting.
5. The sudden realization dawned upon him that he had forgotten his keys inside the locked car.
6. The sudden rain caught us without umbrellas on our hike.
7. His sudden decision to resign surprised everyone at the meeting.
8. A sudden burst of laughter echoed through the room.
9. The sudden temperature drop signaled an approaching storm.
10. She had a sudden revelation about her life's purpose.
11. The sudden power outage left the entire neighborhood in darkness.
12. His sudden disappearance left a void in our team.
13. The sudden applause filled the theater after the stellar performance.
14. A sudden gust of wind blew away the picnic blanket.
15. The sudden loss of her phone caused panic in the airport.
16. The sudden appearance of a shooting star delighted us all.
17. The sudden onset of flu symptoms left him bedridden.
18. The sudden twist in the movie's plot left us in suspense.
19. A sudden craving for chocolate led her to the convenience store.
20. The sudden cancellation of the flight disrupted their travel plans.
21. A sudden realization dawned upon him during the conversation.
22. The sudden arrival of guests made her scramble to prepare food.
23. The sudden change in his attitude puzzled his friends.
24. A sudden rush of adrenaline fueled his competitive spirit.
25. The sudden crack of thunder startled the sleeping cat.



abrupt, gradual, expected, anticipated


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