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How to pronounce suffer (audio)


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Dictionary definition of suffer

To experience physical or emotional pain, distress, or hardship.
"He continues to suffer in silence, never complaining about his pain."

Detailed meaning of suffer

When someone suffers, they endure or go through a state of adversity, discomfort, or anguish. Physical suffering can include enduring pain, injury, illness, or any form of bodily discomfort. Emotional suffering involves experiencing intense sadness, grief, anxiety, or despair. Suffering can also arise from challenging circumstances, such as financial struggles, loss, or difficult relationships. It is a deeply personal and subjective experience that varies from person to person. While suffering is often undesirable, it can provide opportunities for growth, resilience, and empathy, as individuals navigate and strive to overcome their pain or adversity.

Example sentences containing suffer

1. The patient will suffer the consequences of their actions.
2. She may suffer a loss if she doesn't make the right investment.
3. The team will suffer defeat if they don't improve their performance.
4. The company could suffer financial losses due to the economic downturn.
5. He might suffer from insomnia if he continues to have irregular sleep patterns.
6. The child could suffer developmental delays without proper stimulation.

History and etymology of suffer

The verb 'suffer' has its origins in Middle English and can be traced back to the Old French word 'sofrir,' which itself evolved from the Latin term 'sufferre.' The Latin root 'sufferre' is formed by combining 'sub,' meaning 'under,' and 'ferre,' which means 'to bear' or 'to carry.' The etymology of 'suffer' subtly reflects the notion of enduring or carrying a burden, which can be physical or emotional pain, distress, or hardship. It suggests the idea of experiencing something difficult or unpleasant without explicitly addressing its specific definition, aligning with its modern meaning related to enduring suffering.

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Further usage examples of suffer

1. The organization will suffer if it doesn't adapt to changing market trends.
2. The town may suffer from water shortages during the dry season.
3. The student will suffer academically if they don't study diligently.
4. The athlete could suffer a career-ending injury if they don't take precautions.
5. The community will suffer from pollution if industrial emissions are not controlled.
6. The employee might suffer a pay cut if the company's profits decline.
7. The relationship could suffer if there is a lack of communication.
8. The project will suffer if the team members don't collaborate effectively.
9. The patient may suffer complications after undergoing surgery.
10. The environment will suffer if we continue to neglect sustainable practices.
11. The business might suffer reputation damage due to a scandal.
12. The country could suffer political instability if the government fails to address key issues.
13. The individual will suffer emotionally if they don't seek help for their mental health.
14. They suffer from chronic pain.



endure, enjoy, relish, delight


Problems and Conundrums, Ravage and Ruin, Gloom and Unpleasantness, Emotional Intensity and Reactions, Endurance and Resilience, Hardship and Suffering

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