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How to pronounce struggle (audio)


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Dictionary definition of struggle

To make a vigorous attempt to overcome obstacles, achieve a goal, or navigate through a tough situation.
"Many people struggle with deciding on a career path when they are young."


Detailed meaning of struggle

The verb "struggle" denotes the act of exerting intense effort, often in the face of difficulty, challenge, or adversity. When one struggles, they engage in a strenuous mental or physical battle, grappling with resistance or opposition. Struggling implies a state of conflict or resistance against external forces or internal barriers, such as personal limitations, doubts, or conflicting emotions. It encompasses persistent and determined efforts to surmount challenges, whether they are of a personal, professional, emotional, or social nature. Struggling can involve striving, wrestling, or contending with problems, striving to find solutions, or endeavoring to achieve personal growth. It is often accompanied by a sense of strain, frustration, or hardship, as individuals exert themselves to overcome the obstacles in their path.

Example sentences containing struggle

1. She must struggle to overcome her fears and take the leap.
2. We all struggle with challenges at some point in our lives.
3. He will struggle to find a solution to the complex problem.
4. The team will struggle to meet the tight deadline.
5. It takes perseverance to struggle through difficult times.
6. Despite the obstacles, she continues to struggle for equality.

History and etymology of struggle

The verb 'struggle' has its origins in Old French and Middle English. It can be traced back to the Old French word 'estragler,' which meant 'to wrestle' or 'to strive.' This term made its way into Middle English as 'strugglen,' maintaining its sense of making a vigorous effort to overcome obstacles, achieve a goal, or navigate through a challenging situation. 'Struggle' embodies the inherent human drive to persevere and contend with difficulties. Its etymology reflects the idea of wrestling with adversity, emphasizing the determined and often arduous effort required to overcome obstacles and attain one's objectives.

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Further usage examples of struggle

1. He will struggle to make ends meet with his limited income.
2. The students struggle to understand the complex math concept.
3. It's normal to struggle when learning something new.
4. They struggle to maintain a work-life balance.
5. The business will struggle to survive in a competitive market.
6. He must struggle with his inner demons to find peace.
7. They struggle to cope with the loss of a loved one.
8. The athletes struggle to push their bodies to the limit.
9. The artist's struggle is evident in every stroke of the brush.
10. It's important to recognize when we struggle and ask for help.
11. They struggle to break free from the cycle of poverty.
12. The team will struggle to adapt to the new system.
13. She struggles to find her place in a constantly changing world.
14. Despite the odds, they struggle to create a better future.



battle, succeed, breeze, coast


TOEFL 13, Obstacles and Hardships, Hardship and Suffering

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