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How to pronounce swap (audio)


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Dictionary definition of swap

O exchange or trade one thing for another.
"The colleagues decided to swap roles for a day to gain a new perspective."


Detailed meaning of swap

It involves substituting one item, position, or role with another. When people swap items, they are giving up their possession in return for someone else's. This can apply to physical objects, such as trading cards, clothes, or books, or abstract concepts like ideas or responsibilities. Swapping can also involve a change in location or position, as in swapping seats or swapping shifts at work. The action of swapping implies a mutual agreement between parties to exchange something of value, resulting in a new arrangement or distribution.

Example sentences containing swap

1. We decided to swap our lunchboxes to try different meals.
2. She swapped her high heels for more comfortable sneakers.
3. The children agreed to swap their toys for a day.
4. Let's swap seats so that you can have a better view.
5. They decided to swap their car with a smaller, more fuel-efficient model.
6. The athletes swapped jerseys as a sign of mutual respect.

History and etymology of swap

The verb 'swap' has its origins in the English language, and its etymology can be traced back to the Old English word 'swāpan.' 'Swāpan' meant 'to sweep' or 'to sweep away,' and it also had the connotation of shifting or replacing something. Over time, 'swap' evolved to signify the act of exchanging or trading one thing for another, much like how one might sweep aside one item to replace it with another. This transition in meaning reflects the natural evolution of language as it adapts to convey concepts of trade and exchange in a simple and effective manner.

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Further usage examples of swap

1. We can swap shifts at work if it's more convenient for both of us.
2. I'm going to swap this blue shirt for the green one.
3. They swapped their old furniture for a brand new set.
4. The twins love to swap clothes and confuse people.
5. Let's swap phone numbers so we can stay in touch.
6. Let's swap our lunch items to try something new.
7. They decided to swap their old books for fresh ones.
8. Can we swap seats so I can have a better view?
9. We can swap ideas during the brainstorming session.
10. I'll swap my dessert for a taste of your dish.
11. It's time to swap out the old batteries for new ones.
12. We can swap stories about our travel adventures.
13. He offered to swap shifts with a coworker next week.
14. Let's swap contact information before we leave.
15. They decided to swap their vacation plans at the last minute.
16. We can swap roles for this group project.
17. It's a good idea to swap out winter tires for summer ones.
18. Can we swap our gaming consoles for a day?
19. She suggested we swap our usual meeting location.
20. We should swap experiences to learn from each other.
21. Let's swap our hiking routes for a change of scenery.
22. They agreed to swap their trading cards for fun.
23. Can we swap places in the car for a different view?
24. We'll swap responsibilities to keep things interesting.
25. It's time to swap our regular routine for something new.



exchange, retain, keep, hold


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