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How to pronounce swathe (audio)

Dictionary definition of swathe

A wide strip or belt of something, such as land, fabric or other material.
"The field was covered in a swathe of golden wheat."

Detailed meaning of swathe

It can also refer to the act of wrapping or covering something with a wide strip or band. In agriculture, a swathe refers to the strip of ground that is cut by a mower or a reaper and left lying on the field until it is collected or baled. In fashion and textiles, a swathe refers to a strip of fabric that is wrapped around the body or worn as a garment.
In literature and poetry, the term is often used to describe the landscape, describing a large area of land, such as a vast forest or a wide meadow. In architecture, it can be used to describe a large area of a building or structure that is covered or adorned with a particular material or design.
In general, swathe refers to a wide band or strip of something, it can be used to describe both physical objects and abstract concepts, and it can have both literal and figurative meanings.

Example sentences containing swathe

1. The painter used broad strokes to create a vibrant swathe of color on the canvas.
2. The storm left a swathe of destruction in its wake, uprooting trees and damaging buildings.
3. The fashion designer draped a luxurious swathe of silk over the model's shoulders.
4. The hiker followed a narrow swathe through the dense forest, carefully avoiding thorny bushes.
5. The politician's speech cut through a swathe of controversy, garnering both praise and criticism.
6. The farmer planted a swathe of sunflowers in the field, creating a stunning display of yellow petals.

History and etymology of swathe

The noun 'swathe' has its roots in Old English, where it was 'swæð,' meaning 'a track' or 'a path.' It entered the English language in the late Middle Ages. 'Swathe' refers to a wide strip or belt of something, such as land, fabric, or other material. The etymology of 'swathe' effectively conveys the idea of a track or path that is characterized by its width and extent. Whether it's a swathe of farmland, a swathe of cloth, or a swathe of forest, this term emphasizes the broad and encompassing nature of the strip or belt in question, which often plays a significant role in defining the landscape or context it occupies.

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Further usage examples of swathe

1. The archaeologists carefully excavated a swathe of ancient ruins, uncovering artifacts from a lost civilization.
2. The surgeon made an incision along a swathe of the patient's abdomen, preparing for the intricate procedure.
3. The wildfire burned a wide swathe of land, leaving charred remains in its path.
4. The fashion show featured models draped in swaths of flowing fabric, showcasing the latest designs.
5. The composer used a swathe of instruments to create a rich and textured musical composition.
6. The farmer harvested a swathe of wheat, filling the barn with golden grains.
7. The sculptor carved a swathe of marble into a graceful statue, capturing the essence of beauty.
8. The marathon runner raced through a swathe of cheering spectators, fueled by their support.
9. The historian studied a swathe of ancient documents, piecing together the story of a forgotten civilization.
10. The software engineer wrote a complex algorithm to analyze a swathe of data, uncovering hidden patterns.
11. The seamstress carefully stitched together a swathe of fabric, creating an elegant evening gown.
12. The journalist's investigative report exposed a swathe of corruption within the government.
13. The pilot flew over a vast swathe of untouched wilderness, marveling at its beauty from above.
14. The landscaper planted a swathe of wildflowers in the park, attracting a colorful array of butterflies.



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