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How to pronounce sybarite (audio)

Dictionary definition of sybarite

A person who indulges in a luxurious and self-indulgent lifestyle, seeking pleasure and comfort above all else.
"The hedonistic sybarite spent his days lounging on luxurious yachts."

Detailed meaning of sybarite

Sybarites are often associated with excessive spending, extravagance, and a disregard for societal norms and values. They are known for their love of fine foods, wines, and other luxury items, as well as their preference for living in opulent surroundings. Sybarites can be seen as hedonistic individuals who prioritize their own pleasure and satisfaction above anything else. However, the term can also be used to describe someone who simply enjoys the finer things in life without necessarily being excessive or indulgent. Overall, the word "sybarite" connotes a lifestyle of excess and indulgence, often associated with the wealthy and elite.

Example sentences containing sybarite

1. The wealthy sybarite enjoyed only the finest foods and wines.
2. The extravagant sybarite had a collection of designer clothes and accessories.
3. The self-indulgent sybarite traveled the world, staying only in the most luxurious hotels.
4. The debauched sybarite threw wild parties in his mansion every weekend.
5. The indulgent sybarite had a private chef who cooked his favorite dishes every day.
6. The opulent sybarite had a collection of rare and expensive artwork.

History and etymology of sybarite

The noun 'sybarite' has its origins in ancient Greece, particularly in the city of Sybaris in Southern Italy. The Sybarites, residents of this city, were known for their extreme devotion to a life of luxury, comfort, and sensual pleasure. Legend has it that they went to great lengths to create lavish and hedonistic lifestyles, which included indulging in extravagant feasts and opulent accommodations. Over time, the term 'Sybarite' became synonymous with a person who seeks pleasure and comfort above all else, often to the point of excess and extravagance. The etymology of 'sybarite' is rooted in the historical reputation of the people of Sybaris, highlighting their legendary pursuit of hedonism and luxury as the source of the word's meaning.

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Further usage examples of sybarite

1. The decadent sybarite indulged in expensive spa treatments and massages.
2. The pleasure-seeking sybarite frequented exclusive clubs and restaurants.
3. The ostentatious sybarite drove a fleet of luxury cars.
4. The sybarite's extravagant lifestyle was funded by his family's immense wealth.
5. The sybarite was known for his excessive spending and lack of concern for others.
6. The sybarite's opulent tastes extended to his choice of exotic cars, each more lavish than the last.
7. In the world of high fashion, she was known as a true sybarite, always seeking out the most luxurious designer pieces.
8. His sprawling mansion was a testament to his sybarite tendencies, filled with grandiose furnishings and rare artworks.
9. The sybarite's pursuit of pleasure took him to far-flung destinations, where he indulged in gourmet cuisine and spa treatments.
10. As a notorious sybarite, he spared no expense when it came to organizing extravagant parties and events.
11. Her social media feed was a window into the life of a modern-day sybarite, featuring images of lavish vacations and gourmet meals.
12. The sybarite's affinity for fine wines led him to curate an extensive cellar with bottles from the world's most prestigious vineyards.
13. Despite his reputation as a sybarite, he often found that material possessions couldn't fill the void of true contentment.
14. The sybarite's penchant for luxury extended to his wardrobe, where designer labels and custom-tailored suits were the norm.
15. His circle of friends consisted mainly of fellow sybarites who shared his passion for indulgence and excess.
16. The sybarite's love for music was evident in his collection of rare and vintage instruments, which he played with skill and passion.
17. Even in the world of fine dining, the sybarite stood out, as he sought out the most exclusive and decadent culinary experiences.
18. As a true sybarite, she believed that life was meant to be lived to the fullest, savoring every moment of pleasure and luxury.
19. The sybarite's affinity for the arts was reflected in his support of museums, galleries, and cultural institutions.
20. His reputation as a sybarite often overshadowed his more philanthropic endeavors, including charitable donations to various causes.



hedonist, ascetic, abstainer, puritan


Conduct and Character, Enjoyment and Delight, Recklessness and Indulgence

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