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How to pronounce sylvan (audio)


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Dictionary definition of sylvan

Characteristic of a forest or wooded area, often conveying a sense of natural beauty and tranquility associated with wooded landscapes.
"The sylvan trail led to a hidden waterfall."


Detailed meaning of sylvan

When a place or scene is described as sylvan, it suggests lush greenery, dense foliage, and a serene atmosphere reminiscent of a woodland or forest setting. "Sylvan" can also be used to describe creatures or beings that inhabit or are associated with forests, such as sylvan creatures from folklore or mythology. This term invokes an image of the peaceful and harmonious qualities of the natural world, emphasizing the connection between nature and its many enchanting aspects. In essence, "sylvan" signifies a quality or attribute related to the beauty and charm of woodlands and the serene ambiance they often evoke.

Example sentences containing sylvan

1. The hikers found themselves surrounded by a sylvan forest.
2. The cabin was nestled in a peaceful sylvan setting.
3. The sylvan landscape was painted with vibrant autumn colors.
4. The serene lake was a perfect complement to the sylvan surroundings.
5. They embarked on a sylvan retreat to reconnect with nature.
6. The sylvan glade was filled with the melody of birdsong.

History and etymology of sylvan

The adjective 'sylvan' traces its roots to Latin and, more specifically, to the Latin word 'silva,' which means 'forest' or 'wooded area.' The term 'silva' originated from the Proto-Indo-European root '*swel-,' meaning 'beam' or 'tree.' Over time, 'silva' evolved into 'sylvanus,' an adjective in Latin that referred to anything related to the woods or forests. This word eventually gave rise to the English term 'sylvan,' describing something that is characteristic of a forest or wooded area, often connoting the natural beauty, serenity, and enchantment associated with wooded landscapes. Thus, the etymology of 'sylvan' is deeply rooted in its connection to the lush and picturesque qualities of woodlands and natural settings.

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Further usage examples of sylvan

1. The hushed ambiance of the sylvan grove invited tranquility.
2. The sylvan path led them through a magical woodland.
3. The soft sunlight filtered through the sylvan canopy, creating a dappled effect.
4. The sylvan meadow was adorned with wildflowers.
5. The sylvan retreat offered a welcome respite from the bustling city.
6. They stumbled upon a hidden sylvan oasis, complete with a cascading waterfall.
7. The sylvan hills provided a scenic backdrop for their picnic.
8. The sylvan valley was home to a diverse array of wildlife.
9. They enjoyed an enchanting evening stroll through the sylvan park.
10. The sylvan glen exuded an air of mystery and enchantment.
11. The sylvan landscape evoked a sense of calm and harmony.
12. They found solace in the sylvan sanctuary during their meditation practice.
13. The sylvan setting inspired the poet's creativity and imagination.
14. The sylvan retreat center offered yoga classes amidst the tranquil forest.



forest-like, urban, city-like, industrial


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