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How to pronounce symbolic (audio)


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Dictionary definition of symbolic

Representing or embodying a deeper meaning or concept.
"The dove is a symbolic representation of peace."

Detailed meaning of symbolic

It pertains to the use of symbols or symbolic actions to convey ideas, emotions, or values. When something is described as symbolic, it carries a significance beyond its literal or surface-level interpretation. Symbolism is often employed in art, literature, rituals, and cultural practices to evoke deeper connections or associations. Symbolic objects, gestures, or words can serve as powerful tools for communication and expression, allowing for the exploration of abstract concepts and the transmission of complex messages. By engaging with the symbolic, individuals and societies can tap into a rich tapestry of meaning and interpretation, enriching their understanding of the world around them and fostering connections between the tangible and the intangible.

Example sentences containing symbolic

1. The red rose is often seen as a symbolic gesture of love.
2. The white dress held symbolic significance for the bride.
3. The flag was a symbolic representation of national identity.
4. Lighting a candle can have symbolic meaning in certain religious ceremonies.
5. The eagle is a symbolic animal associated with strength and freedom.
6. The use of black in the painting was symbolic of sorrow and mourning.

History and etymology of symbolic

The adjective 'symbolic' derives its linguistic roots from the Greek word 'symbolikos,' which emanates from the base word 'symbolon,' itself rooted in 'symballein,' signifying 'to throw together' or 'to compare.' This etymological heritage aligns seamlessly with the concept of symbolism, as 'symbolic' describes the quality of something representing or embodying a profound and often abstract significance. It signifies the capacity of an object, gesture, or representation to transcend its surface appearance and serve as a vessel for conveying deeper, hidden meanings, encapsulating the essence of symbolic expression in human communication and culture.

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Further usage examples of symbolic

1. The handshake at the end of the negotiations was symbolic of reaching an agreement.
2. The statue of liberty is a symbolic landmark representing freedom and democracy.
3. The breaking of the glass at a wedding has symbolic implications for good luck.
4. The yin and yang symbol is symbolic of balance and harmony.
5. The rain on their wedding day was seen as a symbolic blessing for a prosperous marriage.
6. Their wedding rings held a symbolic meaning of eternal love.
7. The white dove is a symbolic representation of peace.
8. Lighting a candle can be a symbolic act of remembrance.
9. The handshake at the treaty signing was highly symbolic.
10. The red rose has a symbolic significance of love and passion.
11. The changing seasons can be symbolic of life's cycles.
12. Wearing black is a symbolic gesture of mourning.
13. The national flag is a symbolic representation of a country.
14. The Olympic torch relay has a symbolic start to the games.
15. The broken chain is a symbolic representation of freedom.
16. The dove's flight is symbolic of hope and liberation.
17. The handshake was a symbolic gesture of reconciliation.
18. The empty chair at the table was a symbolic reminder.
19. The setting sun had a symbolic sense of closure.
20. The rainbow is symbolic of diversity and inclusion.
21. The clenched fist is a symbolic symbol of resistance.
22. The ancient tree is symbolic of wisdom and endurance.
23. The golden key is a symbolic token of authority.
24. The cracked mirror is symbolic of fractured self-esteem.
25. The closed door held a symbolic message of exclusion.



representational, literal, actual, real


Critical and Analytical, Illusion and Insincerity, Nuance and Precision, Interaction and Articulation, Perception and Perspicacity, Inventive and Inspired, Clarify and Elucidate

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