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How to pronounce synopsis (audio)


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Dictionary definition of synopsis

A brief summary or overview of a piece of literature, film, or other work of art.
"He provided a synopsis of the novel for the book club."

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Detailed meaning of synopsis

It is a condensed version that gives a general idea of the main plot, characters, setting, and themes.

Synopses can vary in length, but they are typically shorter than the work they are summarizing. They are often used to provide a quick overview of a work, and are commonly found in reviews, critiques, and literary references. They are also used in the film, television, and theater industries as a way of summarizing a script or play for potential producers, investors, or audiences.

A synopsis can also be used as a teaching tool in educational settings to give students a general understanding of a work before diving into a more in-depth analysis. They can also be used as a tool for writers to help them organize their thoughts and ideas before starting to write a piece.

Example sentences containing synopsis

1. She provided a concise synopsis of the book during her book club meeting.
2. The movie trailer gave a brief synopsis of the plot, enticing viewers to watch.
3. The student submitted a well-written synopsis of the research paper to the professor.
4. The publisher requested a detailed synopsis of the author's novel before considering it for publication.
5. The synopsis at the back of the book gave a sneak peek into the story's main events.
6. The executive summarized the project in a one-page synopsis for the board meeting.

History and etymology of synopsis

The noun 'synopsis' has its etymology rooted in ancient Greek. It is derived from the combination of two Greek words: 'syn,' meaning 'together,' and 'opsis,' meaning 'seeing' or 'view.' Thus, 'synopsis' essentially means 'seeing together' or 'a view of the whole.' This etymology perfectly encapsulates the concept of a synopsis, which is a concise and comprehensive summary that allows the reader or viewer to grasp the entirety of a piece of literature, film, or other work of art at a glance. It provides a unified perspective that brings together the key elements and main points, offering an overview that enables a quick understanding of the work as a whole.

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Further usage examples of synopsis

1. The journalist wrote a captivating synopsis of the news article to grab readers' attention.
2. The synopsis of the play provided an overview of the characters and storyline.
3. The TV series' episode synopsis gave viewers a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming episode.
4. The synopsis of the movie on the streaming platform helped viewers decide whether to watch it or not.
5. The editor requested a revised synopsis of the manuscript with a stronger hook.
6. The synopsis of the scientific study outlined the methodology and key findings.
7. The agent requested a detailed synopsis of the author's proposed trilogy.
8. The synopsis of the business plan highlighted the unique value proposition and target market.
9. The author wrote a compelling synopsis for her book proposal to attract literary agents.
10. The synopsis of the documentary film provided a summary of the subject matter and main interviews.
11. The literature professor asked the students to write a synopsis of the assigned novel.
12. The synopsis of the academic paper helped readers grasp the main arguments and conclusions.
13. The marketing team created a catchy synopsis for the product launch campaign.
14. The synopsis of the historical event in the textbook offered a concise overview for students.



summary, expansion, elaboration, detail


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