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How to pronounce tête-à-tête (audio)


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Dictionary definition of tête-à-tête

An intimate, private, and typically face-to-face conversation between two individuals.
"They had a private tête-à-tête to discuss the matter in more detail."


Detailed meaning of tête-à-tête

When people engage in a tête-à-tête, they are usually speaking in a confidential or personal manner, often discussing sensitive or private matters. This term conveys a sense of exclusivity, as the conversation is typically reserved for just two people, away from the presence of others. A tête-à-tête can take place in various settings, such as a quiet corner of a café, a cozy living room, or any environment that allows for an uninterrupted and intimate exchange of thoughts and feelings. The term "tête-à-tête" underscores the idea of a one-on-one, close-knit conversation that allows for deeper connection and sharing between two individuals.

Example sentences containing tête-à-tête

1. The couple enjoyed a romantic tête-à-tête by candlelight.
2. Their tête-à-tête in the park deepened their connection.
3. The tête-à-tête allowed them to share their innermost thoughts.
4. An unexpected tête-à-tête led to a profound understanding.
5. They cherished their quiet tête-à-tête amid the bustling city.
6. A tête-à-tête over coffee revealed their shared dreams.

History and etymology of tête-à-tête

The noun 'tête-à-tête' originates from French and literally translates to 'head to head.' In its original French usage, it referred to a private and intimate conversation or meeting between two individuals who would sit facing each other, often in close proximity. Over time, the term found its way into English, retaining its meaning of a private, one-on-one conversation that allows for personal and intimate discussions. 'Tête-à-tête' carries with it an air of exclusivity and confidentiality, emphasizing the idea of a close and personal exchange between two people, typically away from the public eye. Its etymology captures the essence of the term, where the heads of two individuals come together in a private and often emotionally significant dialogue.

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Further usage examples of tête-à-tête

1. The tête-à-tête in the garden was filled with laughter and secrets.
2. Their tête-à-tête on the beach was a cherished memory.
3. A tête-à-tête in the library sparked a lifelong friendship.
4. The tête-à-tête on the balcony was the highlight of their day.
5. A tête-à-tête by the fireside warmed their hearts.
6. They sought refuge in a tête-à-tête during the hectic party.
7. A tête-à-tête under the stars deepened their bond.
8. The tête-à-tête in the cafe allowed them to reminisce.
9. An intimate tête-à-tête revealed their shared aspirations.
10. Their tête-à-tête in the quiet corner was a moment of clarity.
11. A tête-à-tête during the sunset left them feeling connected.
12. The tête-à-tête at the art gallery sparked creativity.
13. Their tête-à-tête on the mountain peak was breathtaking.
14. A tête-à-tête on the rooftop offered a panoramic view.
15. The tête-à-tête in the garden unveiled their true feelings.
16. A tête-à-tête in the rain was both memorable and romantic.
17. Their tête-à-tête in the old café held a sense of nostalgia.
18. A tête-à-tête in the museum led to intellectual discussions.
19. The tête-à-tête by the riverbank was a moment of serenity.



one-on-one, group meeting, assembly, conference


Attraction and Allure, Correspondence and Understanding, Connections and Interactions

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