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meet, avoid, miss, bypass


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How to pronounce encounter (audio)


Dictionary definition of encounter

To meet or come across something or someone unexpectedly or by chance.
"I was surprised to encounter my childhood friend at the airport."

Detailed meaning of encounter

It can be used to describe both positive and negative experiences, such as meeting a new friend or encountering a dangerous situation. Encounters can be physical, such as encountering a wild animal on a hike, or they can be metaphorical, such as encountering a new idea or challenge in one's work or personal life. The verb can also be used to describe the act of facing or dealing with a difficult situation or challenge, such as encountering resistance in a negotiation or encountering a technical issue in a project. Overall, encountering something implies a sense of surprise, novelty, or challenge, and can often lead to growth, learning, or change.

Example sentences containing encounter

1. She hopes to encounter her favorite celebrity at the event.
2. They often encounter difficulties in their daily work.
3. I never expected to encounter such kindness from a stranger.
4. We might encounter some traffic on the way to the airport.
5. The hiker was thrilled to encounter a rare bird during the expedition.
6. The explorers were warned about the dangers they might encounter in the jungle.

History and etymology of encounter

The verb 'encounter' has its roots in Old French and Latin. It was borrowed from the Old French word 'encountrer,' which combines 'en-' (meaning 'in') and 'contre' (meaning 'against' or 'opposite'). The Latin influence comes from 'incontrare,' where 'in-' also means 'in,' and 'contrare' means 'to meet' or 'to come together.' 'Encounter' conveys the act of meeting or coming across something or someone unexpectedly or by chance. It implies a chance meeting or an unplanned interaction. The etymology of 'encounter' highlights the idea of two entities coming together, whether by fate, happenstance, or fortune, emphasizing the element of unpredictability in such meetings.

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Further usage examples of encounter

1. He was surprised to encounter his old school friend at the grocery store.
2. She was relieved to encounter a familiar face in the unfamiliar city.
3. The scientist hopes to encounter new species during the expedition.
4. The detective knew he would encounter many challenges while solving the case.
5. They often encounter language barriers while traveling to foreign countries.
6. The protagonist will encounter various obstacles on her quest.
7. The team did not expect to encounter such fierce competition in the tournament.
8. The hikers were delighted to encounter a breathtaking waterfall on their trek.
9. The astronaut prepared for the challenges he would encounter in outer space.
10. The salesperson encountered a difficult customer who refused to listen.
11. The driver encountered a detour due to road construction.
12. The students were excited to encounter different cultures during their study abroad program.
13. The photographer was lucky to encounter a rare wildlife sighting.
14. The travelers encountered a sudden storm during their journey.

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