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Definition of 'tailored'

Specifically designed, customized, or modified to fit a particular purpose, individual, or situation.
"She received a tailored training program to address her specific fitness goals."

Detailed Meaning of 'tailored'

It implies careful attention to detail and precision in creating or adjusting something to suit specific needs, preferences, or requirements. When something is described as tailored, it suggests that it has been carefully crafted or altered to provide an optimal fit, functionality, or style. This term is commonly associated with clothing that has been made to fit an individual's measurements or preferences, ensuring a personalized and well-fitted appearance. However, "tailored" can also be applied to other contexts, such as tailored solutions, tailored experiences, or tailored services, where customization and individualization play a significant role in meeting unique demands or preferences. The adjective "tailored" signifies a level of customization and attention to detail that enhances the suitability and effectiveness of the product, service, or experience in question.


Examples of 'tailored' in a Sentence

1. The tailor created a beautifully tailored suit that perfectly fit the client's measurements.
2. The restaurant offered a tailored menu for guests with dietary restrictions.
3. The consultant provided tailored advice based on the client's unique business needs.
4. He wore a tailored shirt that accentuated his physique.
5. The travel agent arranged a tailored itinerary based on their client's preferences.
6. The software company developed a tailored solution to meet the client's specific requirements.

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Origins & Etymology of 'tailored'

The adjective 'tailored' finds its etymological roots in the Old French word 'taillier,' which means 'to cut' or 'to shape.' This etymology perfectly encapsulates the essence of 'tailored' as something specifically designed, customized, or modified to fit a particular purpose, individual, or situation. It underscores the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail involved in the process of creating a tailored item, whether it's clothing, services, or solutions. 'Tailored' highlights the idea of precision and individualization, where something is crafted or adjusted with care to suit unique needs, preferences, or circumstances.


How to pronounce tailored (audio)


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