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How to pronounce technique (audio)

Dictionary definition of technique

A particular method, skill, or approach used to accomplish a task or achieve a desired outcome.
"The dancer's technique was flawless, showcasing her years of training and practice."

Detailed meaning of technique

It encompasses the systematic application of knowledge, abilities, and strategies to effectively execute an activity or perform a specific action. Techniques are often developed through practice, experience, and training, and they play a crucial role in various domains such as sports, arts, sciences, and professions. A technique can involve a combination of physical, mental, or technical elements that enable individuals to perform tasks with precision, efficiency, and expertise. It can involve specific movements, procedures, or processes that are employed to produce a desired result. Mastery of a technique is often associated with competence and can lead to improved performance, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Whether it's a painter's brush strokes, a musician's finger placements, or an athlete's movement patterns, techniques are essential tools that allow individuals to excel in their chosen fields.

Example sentences containing technique

1. The chef demonstrated a unique cooking technique that added depth of flavor to the dish.
2. The athlete's sprinting technique helped him achieve a new personal best in the race.
3. The therapist taught relaxation techniques to help her clients manage stress.
4. The artist experimented with different painting techniques to create texture and depth in her artwork.
5. The musician's guitar technique was admired for its precision and dexterity.
6. The writer employed various storytelling techniques to captivate readers.

History and etymology of technique

The noun 'technique' has its etymological roots in the Greek word 'technē,' which encompasses the broader notion of art, craft, or skill. This term reflects the idea that 'technique' is not merely a method but a refined skill or approach used to accomplish a task or achieve a desired outcome. It embodies the concept of expertise and proficiency in a particular field, highlighting the precision and mastery required to excel in various endeavors. 'Technique' underscores the essential role of skillful application and methodical practice in the pursuit of excellence and the achievement of specific goals.

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Further usage examples of technique

1. The surgeon utilized advanced surgical techniques to perform the delicate procedure.
2. The basketball player practiced shooting techniques to improve his accuracy.
3. The architect employed innovative design techniques to create a sustainable building.
4. The teacher used interactive teaching techniques to engage the students in the lesson.
5. The photographer experimented with lighting techniques to achieve the desired mood in the photograph.
6. Her painting technique involves bold, vibrant colors.
7. Effective communication is a crucial leadership technique.
8. The chef's culinary technique created a masterpiece.
9. The athlete's training technique was meticulously planned.
10. Learning a new technique can be challenging but rewarding.
11. The writer's storytelling technique captivated readers.
12. Advanced surgical techniques have revolutionized medicine.
13. The musician's guitar technique was impeccable.
14. The detective used forensic techniques to solve the case.
15. Mastering a musical instrument requires practice and technique.
16. The teacher explained the math technique step by step.
17. The gardener employed innovative planting techniques.
18. The sculptor's technique brought the marble to life.
19. Effective time management is a valuable work technique.
20. The scientist used cutting-edge research techniques.
21. The photographer's technique captured the essence of the moment.
22. The negotiation technique resulted in a favorable deal.
23. The ballet dancer's technique was graceful and precise.
24. The engineer developed a groundbreaking construction technique.
25. Learning proper breathing technique is essential in yoga.



method, ignorance, ineptitude, clumsiness


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