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How to pronounce system (audio)
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Dictionary definition of system

A set of interconnected or interrelated components or parts that work together to achieve a specific purpose or function.
"The solar system consists of the sun, planets, and other celestial bodies."

Detailed meaning of system

It encompasses an organized and structured arrangement of elements that interact and collaborate in a coordinated manner. A system is characterized by the relationships, dependencies, and interactions between its various components, which contribute to the overall functioning and behavior of the system as a whole. Systems can be found in various domains, such as nature, technology, society, and organizations. They can range from simple and small-scale systems to complex and large-scale ones. The concept of a system allows for the analysis, understanding, and management of complex phenomena by examining the relationships between its constituent parts and the emergent properties that arise from their interactions. Systems thinking involves considering the interconnectedness and interdependencies within a system to comprehend its dynamics and behavior.

Example sentences containing system

1. The healthcare system in the country requires significant improvements.
2. We need to update the security system in our office building.
3. The circulatory system is responsible for transporting blood throughout the body.
4. The public transportation system in the city is efficient and reliable.
5. The legal system ensures justice and fairness in society.
6. Our computer system crashed, causing us to lose important data.

History and etymology of system

The noun 'system' originates from the Greek word 'sustēma,' which is derived from 'sun-' meaning 'together' and 'histēmi' meaning 'to stand' or 'to place.' This etymology aptly reflects the concept of a 'system' as a set of interconnected or interrelated components or parts that work together cohesively, standing together to achieve a specific purpose or function. It embodies the idea of organized unity, where the individual elements within the system collaborate harmoniously to create a functioning whole. The term 'system' underscores the importance of structure, coordination, and synergy in various fields, from science and technology to social and organizational contexts.

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Further usage examples of system

1. The digestive system breaks down food and absorbs nutrients.
2. The education system plays a crucial role in shaping young minds.
3. The nervous system controls communication and coordination within the body.
4. The economic system of the country is based on free-market principles.
5. The operating system of my phone needs an update to improve performance.
6. The solar system consists of planets orbiting the sun.
7. Our immune system helps protect us from illnesses.
8. The transportation system in this city is efficient.
9. A strong support system is crucial during tough times.
10. The nervous system controls our body's functions.
11. The educational system is undergoing significant changes.
12. This computer system is incredibly fast and reliable.
13. The justice system strives for fairness and equity.
14. Proper waste disposal is essential for a clean environment.
15. The financial system plays a critical role in the economy.
16. The digestive system breaks down food for energy.
17. The public transportation system needs improvement.
18. The legal system ensures the rule of law in society.
19. Effective communication is key in any organization.
20. The healthcare system faces various challenges today.
21. A well-organized filing system makes work easier.
22. The weather system can be unpredictable at times.
23. The solar power system provides energy for the house.
24. The support system of friends and family is invaluable.
25. The political system impacts the lives of citizens.

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