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How to pronounce tetchy (audio)


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Dictionary definition of tetchy

Easily irritated, touchy, or prone to becoming annoyed over trivial matters.
"The tetchy customer in line complained about the long wait and demanded to speak to the manager."


Detailed meaning of tetchy

A person characterized as tetchy often displays a heightened sensitivity, responding with impatience or short-temperedness in various situations. Their reactions may seem disproportionate or exaggerated, as they tend to become easily exasperated or frustrated even by minor inconveniences. Engaging with a tetchy individual requires caution and empathy, as their temperament can affect their interactions and overall mood. It is important to approach them with understanding and patience, acknowledging their inclination towards irritability and choosing words and actions carefully to avoid escalating tensions.

Example sentences containing tetchy

1. Sarah woke up feeling tetchy and easily annoyed by the slightest noise.
2. John's tetchy mood made it difficult for his colleagues to approach him with any questions.
3. The professor became tetchy when students repeatedly interrupted his lecture.
4. Amy's tetchy behavior resulted in strained relationships with her friends.
5. The tetchy toddler threw a tantrum when his toy was taken away.
6. The team was on edge due to their tetchy coach's constant criticism.

History and etymology of tetchy

The adjective 'tetchy' has an etymology that connects it to the notion of touchiness and irritability. It likely originated from the Middle English word 'tachy,' which means 'easily irritated' or 'touchy.' This etymology aptly captures the essence of 'tetchy' as describing individuals who are quick to become annoyed, often over trivial matters. It reflects the sensitivity and tendency to react with irritation, as if one's emotional boundaries are easily touched or provoked. 'Tetchy' underscores the subtle nuances of human temperament, highlighting the irritable disposition of those who are easily perturbed by minor annoyances or inconveniences.

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Further usage examples of tetchy

1. The tetchy old man yelled at the neighborhood kids for playing near his lawn.
2. Jane's tetchy response to a harmless joke left everyone feeling awkward.
3. The tetchy driver honked aggressively at the car in front of him for going too slow.
4. The tetchy cat hissed and swiped at anyone who tried to pet it.
5. Tom's tetchy attitude made it challenging for his coworkers to collaborate effectively.
6. The tetchy professor gave his students a long list of strict rules to follow.
7. Emily's tetchy nature made her a difficult person to have a conversation with.
8. The tetchy receptionist snapped at the visitors for not following the sign-in procedure.
9. The tetchy chef yelled at the waitstaff for any minor mistakes in the orders.
10. Mark's tetchy response to criticism only escalated the argument further.
11. The tetchy neighbor complained about the noise from the nearby construction site.
12. The tetchy politician refused to answer any questions from the press.
13. Samantha's tetchy mood ruined the atmosphere of the family gathering.
14. His tetchy response to criticism surprised everyone in the meeting.
15. Avoid discussing politics with him; he's been rather tetchy lately.
16. The tetchy customer complained about minor flaws in the product.
17. She becomes tetchy when she doesn't get enough sleep.
18. His tetchy attitude ruined the pleasant atmosphere at the party.
19. The tetchy receptionist was unhelpful to the frustrated visitors.
20. The professor's tetchy demeanor made students reluctant to ask questions.
21. Don't be so tetchy; it was just a harmless joke.
22. The long wait in line made him increasingly tetchy.
23. The tetchy driver honked angrily at every minor traffic delay.
24. A tetchy response was unexpected given the simple request.



irritable, patient, tolerant, easygoing


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