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How to pronounce theater (audio)

Dictionary definition of theater

A space or venue specifically designed for the performance of plays, musicals, concerts, or other forms of live entertainment.
"The theater director worked closely with the cast to bring the script to life on stage."

Detailed meaning of theater

It serves as a platform for actors, musicians, and performers to showcase their talent and artistry to an audience. The theater typically consists of a stage, where the action unfolds, and seating areas for the spectators. It encompasses various elements such as lighting, sound systems, props, and set designs, all of which contribute to the overall production and enhance the audience's experience. The theater is not only a physical space but also a vibrant art form that encompasses a rich history and diverse genres, including drama, comedy, tragedy, opera, ballet, and more. It has the power to transport people to different worlds, evoke emotions, provoke thought, and create a sense of shared experience among the audience. Theater plays a significant role in cultural expression, storytelling, and entertainment, and it continues to be a cherished form of artistic expression in societies around the world.

Example sentences containing theater

1. We bought tickets to see a play at the local theater.
2. The theater was filled with eager spectators awaiting the start of the performance.
3. The actors rehearsed tirelessly to perfect their roles for the upcoming theater production.
4. The theater's stage was adorned with elaborate set designs and props.
5. The theater company announced an exciting lineup of shows for the upcoming season.
6. The theater's acoustics were superb, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the music.

History and etymology of theater

The noun 'theater' has a rich etymological heritage. It can be traced back to the Greek word 'theatron,' which means 'a place for viewing' or 'a place for spectacles.' This etymology elegantly captures the essence of 'theater' as a space or venue specifically designed for the performance of plays, musicals, concerts, or other forms of live entertainment, where spectators gather to view and experience the artistic and dramatic productions. The term 'theater' reflects the enduring tradition of communal storytelling and performance, where actors and artists come together to captivate and engage audiences in a shared experience, making it an integral part of human culture for centuries.

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Further usage examples of theater

1. We enjoyed a night out at the theater, watching a captivating musical.
2. The theater's grand opening attracted a crowd of theater enthusiasts and dignitaries.
3. The children put on a delightful theater performance, showcasing their acting skills.
4. The theater was a cultural hub, hosting not only plays but also film screenings and live music events.
5. The theater's balcony offered a great vantage point to enjoy the performance from above.
6. The theater was packed with eager patrons waiting for the show.
7. We secured front-row seats at the grand theater for the opera.
8. The historic theater's architecture is a sight to behold.
9. The theater's acoustics enhance the sound quality of performances.
10. The local theater company is known for its outstanding productions.
11. Attending the theater is a cultural experience like no other.
12. The theater's marquee lit up the night with its colorful display.
13. The actors rehearsed tirelessly for their upcoming theater debut.
14. We enjoyed a night of laughter at the comedy theater.
15. The theater's stage design was a work of art in itself.
16. The theater's balcony offers a great view of the stage.
17. The theater's curtain rose to reveal a stunning set.
18. The theater's lobby was bustling with excited theatergoers.
19. The play at the community theater received rave reviews.
20. The theatergoers gave a standing ovation at the end of the performance.
21. The theater-goer's guide provided helpful information about the show.
22. The theater district comes alive with energy in the evening.
23. We celebrated our anniversary with a night out at the theater.
24. The theater's costume department created stunning outfits.
25. The theater's ambiance adds to the magic of live performances.



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Interaction and Articulation, Imagination and Ingenuity, Entertainment and Performance

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