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How to pronounce titillate (audio)

Dictionary definition of titillate

To excite or stimulate in a pleasing or interesting way, particularly in a sexual or sensual manner.
"The provocative dance routine was designed to titillate the audience."

Detailed meaning of titillate

It can be used to describe a feeling of pleasure or excitement caused by something that is intriguing, amusing, or provocative. It can also refer to something that is pleasing to the senses, such as a delicious meal or a beautiful piece of art. The term can also be used to describe a person who is excited or stimulated by something, such as someone who finds a particular topic or activity particularly interesting. In literature and art, it can also be used to describe a story or piece of writing that is meant to arouse the reader's interest, emotions or imagination. In general, to titillate is to excite or stimulate pleasantly and sometimes sensually.

Example sentences containing titillate

1. The risqué novel aimed to titillate readers with its steamy scenes.
2. The comedian's jokes were intended to titillate the crowd and make them laugh.
3. The suspenseful movie had several thrilling scenes that titillated the viewers.
4. The sensual artwork was created to titillate the senses and evoke emotions.
5. The chef's unique culinary creations were meant to titillate diners' taste buds.
6. The seductive perfume had an enchanting scent that titillated everyone around.

History and etymology of titillate

The verb 'titillate' has its origins in Latin, coming from the word 'titillare,' which means 'to tickle' or 'to excite.' The sense of 'tickling' here is metaphorical, referring to the idea of stimulating or exciting someone's senses or emotions in a pleasing or interesting way. Over time, in English, 'titillate' came to be associated with the concept of arousal, particularly in a sexual or sensual context. Its etymology highlights the notion of provoking sensations or desires, often in a light and pleasurable manner, as if gently tickling one's senses or emotions to create a sense of excitement or interest.

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Further usage examples of titillate

1. The fashion show featured daring outfits that aimed to titillate the fashion enthusiasts.
2. The exotic flavors of the dish were carefully chosen to titillate the palate.
3. The provocative advertisement used suggestive imagery to titillate potential customers.
4. The romance novel was filled with passionate scenes that were meant to titillate readers.
5. The hypnotic music had a captivating rhythm that titillated the listeners.
6. The thrilling roller coaster ride was designed to titillate thrill-seekers.
7. The art gallery showcased avant-garde pieces that aimed to titillate art enthusiasts.
8. The flirtatious conversation was intended to titillate both parties involved.
9. The intriguing plot of the mystery novel was crafted to titillate readers' curiosity.
10. The provocative fashion designer created daring outfits that titillated the fashion industry.
11. The exotic spices in the dish titillated the taste buds and added a unique flavor.
12. The seductive dance performance aimed to titillate the audience and create a sensual atmosphere.
13. The thrilling car chase in the action movie was meant to titillate the viewers with its adrenaline-pumping scenes.
14. The movie's provocative scenes were meant to titillate the audience.
15. His seductive words had the power to titillate her senses.
16. The spicy cuisine was designed to titillate the taste buds.
17. The novel's steamy plot aimed to titillate readers' imaginations.
18. The sultry dance routine was meant to titillate the crowd.
19. Her flirtatious smile had the ability to titillate his desires.
20. The romantic getaway was sure to titillate their passion.
21. The risqué fashion show sought to titillate with daring designs.
22. The art exhibition had paintings that could titillate the mind.
23. His whispered secrets were meant to titillate her curiosity.
24. The suggestive music video was intended to titillate and provoke.



arouse, bore, repel, uninterest


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