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How to pronounce inspire (audio)

Dictionary definition of inspire

To fill someone with a strong and uplifting feeling or motivation, often leading to increased creativity, enthusiasm, or a desire to take action.
"The beauty of nature never fails to inspire my creativity."

Detailed meaning of inspire

When someone or something inspires, it ignites a spark within individuals, stirring their emotions and encouraging them to pursue their goals, dreams, or passions. To inspire is to have a profound impact on someone's thoughts, emotions, or actions, often by serving as a source of inspiration or role model. Whether it is through words, actions, or artistic expression, to inspire is to evoke a sense of admiration, empowerment, or belief in oneself and others. It is the catalyst for positive change, growth, and the realization of untapped potential.

Example sentences containing inspire

1. You inspire me to be the best person I can be.
2. Your passion for science seems to inspire everyone around you.
3. The vast mountains always inspire a sense of adventure in her.
4. The colors of the sunset inspire his most heartfelt poetry.
5. Her courage to overcome adversity will inspire generations.
6. The chef's creativity continues to inspire new culinary experiments.

History and etymology of inspire

The verb 'inspire' finds its etymological origins in the Latin word 'inspirare,' which is a combination of 'in,' meaning 'into,' and 'spirare,' meaning 'to breathe.' In its earliest sense, 'inspire' was associated with a divine or supernatural breath, as if one were receiving a breath of creative or spiritual influence from a higher source. Over time, this notion evolved, and 'inspire' came to mean filling someone with a strong and uplifting feeling or motivation, often leading to increased creativity, enthusiasm, or a desire to take action. Thus, etymologically, 'inspire' conveys the idea of breathing new life into individuals, infusing them with inspiration and driving them to achieve their creative or aspirational goals.

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Further usage examples of inspire

1. The way you care for others should inspire us all.
2. Your dedication to learning languages will surely inspire others.
3. This artist knows how to inspire with his vibrant murals.
4. His perseverance against all odds can inspire many.
5. The music you create will inspire feelings of love and hope.
6. This innovative technology might inspire a new wave of digital artists.
7. Her stories about world travels always inspire wanderlust in her listeners.
8. Your kindness can inspire change in this cynical world.
9. The charity's work should inspire us to contribute more.
10. This historical monument will inspire awe in all its visitors.
11. Let's hope these new policies inspire a more sustainable future.
12. The achievements of these pioneers inspire future generations to aim high.
13. The success of this small business should inspire other entrepreneurs.
14. The natural beauty of this park will inspire countless painters and poets.



motivate, demotivate, discourage, dishearten


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