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How to pronounce tout (audio)

Dictionary definition of tout

To promote or advertise something in a positive way, often with the intention of convincing people to buy or use it.
"The salesman tried to tout his company's products to the potential customers."

Detailed meaning of tout

When something is "touted," it means that it is being publicly praised or advertised as being excellent, desirable, or beneficial. This promotion can be done through various means, such as advertising, social media, or word-of-mouth marketing. The term "touted" is often used in discussions of products or services, where companies or individuals may tout the benefits of their offerings in order to attract customers. For example, a new smartphone might be touted for its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, or a health supplement might be touted for its supposed benefits for overall health and wellness. Overall, the term "touted" refers to the act of promoting or advertising something in a positive way, often with the intention of convincing people to buy or use it.

Example sentences containing tout

1. She will tout her latest invention at the trade show.
2. The politician will tout his achievements during the campaign.
3. They tout the benefits of their new fitness program.
4. He likes to tout his expertise in financial planning.
5. The company will tout its environmentally friendly practices.
6. She will tout the safety features of her new car model.

History and etymology of tout

The verb 'tout' has an etymology that can be traced back to the early 18th century in British English. It is believed to have originated as a slang term, possibly from the Middle English word 'tuten,' which meant to peep or peer. Over time, 'tout' evolved to describe the act of promoting or advertising something in a persuasive or enthusiastic manner, often with the intention of convincing people to buy or use it. The word's origin as a slang term reflects its informal and perhaps somewhat secretive nature, as touts were known for their persistence in convincing potential customers. Today, 'tout' remains synonymous with the enthusiastic promotion of products, services, or ideas, though it has shed much of its slang connotation and is widely used in marketing and advertising contexts.

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Further usage examples of tout

1. They tout the effectiveness of their cleaning product.
2. The chef will tout the unique flavors of his signature dish.
3. He likes to tout the advantages of living in the city.
4. The author will tout the inspiration behind her new book.
5. They tout the convenience of their online shopping platform.
6. The tour guide will tout the historical significance of the monument.
7. She likes to tout the health benefits of her organic food.
8. They tout the reliability of their home security system.
9. The trainer will tout the results of his fitness program.
10. He likes to tout the success stories of his students.
11. The company will tout the affordability of its products.
12. She will tout the luxury amenities of her vacation rental.
13. They tout the quality of their craftsmanship.
14. The salesperson will tout the versatility of the product.



promote, denigrate, disparage, criticize


SAT 18 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Communication and Expression, Persuasion and Negotiation

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