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path, stillness, immobility, inertia


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How to pronounce trajectory (audio)


Dictionary definition of trajectory

The path that an object follows through space as a result of its motion and the forces acting upon it.
"The trajectory of the bullet was analyzed by the forensic team."

Detailed meaning of trajectory

In physics, the term is used to describe the path of a projectile, such as a ball, arrow, or satellite. In this context, the trajectory is a description of the path the object takes from its starting point to its final destination. The trajectory of an object can be influenced by various factors, such as the speed and direction of its motion, the strength and direction of external forces, and the effects of air resistance or other environmental factors. In a broader sense, the term "trajectory" can also be used to describe the path or direction of any kind of change or development, such as the trajectory of a person's career or the trajectory of a company's growth. In all cases, the trajectory is a description of the path followed by an object or process over time.

Example sentences containing trajectory

1. The rocket's trajectory took it into orbit around the Earth.
2. A golfer must consider the trajectory of the ball to make a hole-in-one.
3. The trajectory of a comet can be unpredictable.
4. The basketball's trajectory determined if it would score.
5. Astronomers tracked the trajectory of the asteroid.
6. The police analyzed the trajectory of the bullet.

History and etymology of trajectory

The noun 'trajectory' has its roots in the Latin word 'trajectoria,' which is derived from 'trajicere,' a combination of 'trans,' meaning 'across,' and 'jacere,' meaning 'to throw' or 'to cast.' Therefore, the etymology of 'trajectory' can be traced back to the idea of something being thrown or cast across a distance. Over time, this term evolved to describe the path that an object follows through space due to its motion and the forces acting upon it. The etymology reflects the fundamental concept that a trajectory is the result of an object's initial projection and its subsequent journey through space, making it an apt term to describe the path of objects in motion.

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Further usage examples of trajectory

1. The quarterback calculated the trajectory of the pass.
2. The missile's trajectory was carefully plotted.
3. The archer adjusted the bow for a precise arrow trajectory.
4. The pilot adjusted the plane's trajectory for a smooth landing.
5. The artist captured the graceful trajectory of a dancer.
6. Engineers designed the roller coaster's trajectory for thrills.
7. A baseball's trajectory can change with the pitch.
8. The trajectory of a satellite is influenced by gravity.
9. The detective studied the trajectory of the car accident.
10. The scientist analyzed the trajectory of a falling object.
11. The physicist explained the trajectory of a projectile.
12. The trajectory of a planet is an elliptical path.
13. The arrow followed a parabolic trajectory.
14. The space probe's trajectory led it beyond our solar system.
15. The astronaut calculated the trajectory for the mission to Mars.
16. The basketball player adjusted his trajectory to avoid the defender.
17. The weather forecast predicted the trajectory of the storm.
18. The arrow's trajectory was true, hitting the bullseye.
19. The scientist plotted the trajectory of the comet on a chart.
20. The pilot corrected the trajectory of the plane to avoid turbulence.
21. The missile's trajectory was monitored by the defense system.
22. The skier followed a curved trajectory down the mountain.
23. The golfer adjusted her trajectory to avoid the sand trap.
24. The baseball player watched the trajectory of the ball as it flew over the fence.
25. The economist analyzed the trajectory of the stock market.
26. The physics teacher demonstrated the trajectory of a projectile in class.

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