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How to pronounce unbeknown (audio)


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Dictionary definition of unbeknown

Happening or occurring without someone's knowledge or awareness.
"Unbeknown to the crew, the ship was headed towards a dangerous storm."

Detailed meaning of unbeknown

It signifies that an action, event, or circumstance is taking place in secret or without being revealed to a particular individual or group. For instance, a surprise party organized "unbeknownst" to the guest of honor means that the party is being kept a secret from them. "Unbeknown" suggests a level of concealment or stealth, emphasizing that the person involved is unaware of what is happening or that information is being deliberately withheld. This term conveys a sense of hidden or clandestine activity, often used to describe situations involving surprises, secrets, or undisclosed actions.

Example sentences containing unbeknown

1. Unbeknown to him, she had been secretly planning a surprise party for his birthday.
2. The gift was left on her doorstep unbeknown to her.
3. Unbeknown to the public, the company had been facing financial difficulties for months.
4. The hidden camera was recording unbeknown to the participants in the study.
5. Unbeknown to her, her phone had been hacked and her personal information was stolen.
6. The small mistake in the code went unnoticed unbeknown to the developer.

History and etymology of unbeknown

The adjective 'unbeknown' has its origins in Old English. It is derived from the Old English phrase 'on becnawe,' which means 'on a pretext' or 'secretly.' Over time, 'on becnawe' evolved into the single word 'unbeknown,' signifying something that happens or occurs without someone's knowledge or awareness. The term 'unbeknown' emphasizes the element of secrecy or hiddenness, reflecting its historical connection to actions or events that take place discreetly or covertly, often escaping notice until later revealed.

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Further usage examples of unbeknown

1. Unbeknown to the audience, the actor was battling stage fright.
2. The hidden compartment was found unbeknown to the thief.
3. Unbeknown to her, she was allergic to the medication prescribed by the doctor.
4. The company's true intentions were unbeknown to the investors.
5. The secret ingredient in the recipe was unbeknown to the chef.
6. Unbeknown to her, the surprise party had been meticulously planned for weeks.
7. He withdrew a substantial sum from their joint account, unbeknown to his spouse.
8. Unbeknown to most, the legendary treasure lay hidden deep within the uncharted cave.
9. They secretly and meticulously planned the elaborate trip, unbeknown to their curious friends.
10. Unbeknown to the teacher, the mischievous students had hatched a cunning plan for a classroom prank.
11. Unbeknown to him, she had already read and cherished his heartfelt, yet unsent letter.
12. The audacious intruder silently entered the house, unbeknown to the unsuspecting homeowners.
13. Unbeknown to them, the ancient library contained a hidden passage leading to an unexplored realm.
14. Unbeknown to the renowned chef, the discerning food critic had dined in covert disguise.
15. They rose before dawn to prepare a surprise breakfast, unbeknown to their still-sleeping parents.
16. Unbeknown to the captivated audience, the enigmatic magician had a masterful hidden assistant.
17. She made a life-altering decision, unbeknown to even her closest and most trusted friends.
18. Unbeknown to the determined team, their shrewd rivals had devised a cunning new strategy.
19. He cleverly solved the perplexing puzzle, unbeknown to anyone else in the room.
20. Unbeknown to the unsuspecting hikers, an ominous storm was silently approaching the mountaintop.
21. Under the cover of darkness, an enigmatic artist installed a breathtaking sculpture in the park, unbeknown to the city's residents.
22. She assumed a new identity, unbeknown to her former associates, leaving her past behind.
23. Unbeknown to the nervous interviewee, the entire conversation was discreetly recorded for analysis.
24. The encrypted files were stealthily accessed, unbeknown to the vigilant security team.
25. Unbeknown to the fugitive suspect, the relentless police force was closing in on his whereabouts.



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