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How to pronounce undeveloped (audio)


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Dictionary definition of undeveloped

In a primitive, rudimentary, or unfinished state.
"The remote, undeveloped island offered a unique opportunity for eco-tourism."

Detailed meaning of undeveloped

It refers to a condition or quality that lacks progress, refinement, or advancement. When something is considered undeveloped, it implies that it has not yet reached its full potential or undergone the necessary growth or transformation. It can be used to describe physical entities such as land, areas, or regions that have not been extensively built upon or developed for human use. Additionally, it can describe abstract concepts, ideas, or skills that are still in their early stages or have not been fully explored or expanded upon. The term "undeveloped" can also refer to personal traits or characteristics that are not fully matured or cultivated. Overall, the adjective underscores the notion of incompleteness, suggesting the need for further growth, improvement, or nurturing to reach a more advanced or developed state.

Example sentences containing undeveloped

1. The undeveloped land at the outskirts of the city was a prime location for potential housing projects.
2. His artistic talent remained undeveloped until he started taking formal classes.
3. The undeveloped film rolls needed to be processed before the images could be seen.
4. The undeveloped neighborhood lacked basic infrastructure such as paved roads and utilities.
5. The young writer's storytelling skills were still undeveloped, but showed great potential.
6. The company decided to invest in the undeveloped market of renewable energy technologies.

History and etymology of undeveloped

The adjective 'undeveloped' can be analyzed by examining its root word, 'developed.' In this term, the prefix 'un-' is used to negate or reverse the quality of being 'developed.' 'Developed' has its origins in the Latin word 'developare,' which means 'to unveil' or 'to unfold.' Over time, 'developed' evolved in the English language to describe something that has progressed, matured, or advanced beyond a primitive or rudimentary state. Consequently, 'undeveloped' signifies the opposite, denoting something that remains in a primitive, rudimentary, or unfinished state, lacking the progress or advancement seen in more developed counterparts. Its etymology is deeply rooted in the historical development of 'developed' and its connection to the idea of unveiling or unfolding potential.

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Further usage examples of undeveloped

1. The developer purchased the undeveloped plot of land with plans to construct a shopping center.
2. The athlete possessed raw talent but lacked refined technique due to undeveloped skills.
3. The undeveloped business plan needed more research and strategic thinking before implementation.
4. The photographer captured the beauty of the undeveloped landscape in breathtaking images.
5. The scientist's undeveloped hypothesis required further experimentation and analysis.
6. The undeveloped land held great potential for conservation.
7. His talent remained largely undeveloped until now.
8. The remote island remains largely undeveloped by tourists.
9. The plan to revitalize the undeveloped area gained support.
10. Many parts of the world still have undeveloped infrastructure.
11. The screenplay was intriguing but undeveloped.
12. They explored the undeveloped wilderness for days.
13. Her potential as an athlete was largely undeveloped.
14. Undeveloped film rolls captured memories of the past.
15. The undeveloped film held long-forgotten images.
16. The undeveloped project needed more time and resources.
17. Their relationship remained undeveloped due to distance.
18. The undeveloped property was a blank canvas for builders.
19. Undeveloped ideas often require careful nurturing.
20. The undeveloped potential of the team was evident.
21. They ventured into the undeveloped forest, seeking adventure.
22. The undeveloped market held promise for new businesses.
23. His talent for art remained largely undeveloped.
24. The undeveloped concept needed further refinement.
25. Undeveloped skills can be honed through practice.



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