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How to pronounce embryonic (audio)

Dictionary definition of embryonic

In an early stage of development or existence, akin to an embryo.
"The company's success was still in its embryonic stage, with much potential for growth."

Detailed meaning of embryonic

It implies a state of initial or rudimentary growth, where the full potential or form is yet to be realized. Just as an embryo represents the earliest phase of a living organism, the term "embryonic" is used metaphorically to describe ideas, projects, or fields that are in their infancy, with considerable room for further maturation and evolution. It conveys a sense of promise, fragility, and the need for nurturing and support to reach its ultimate fruition.

Example sentences containing embryonic

1. The scientist studied the embryonic development of the organism under a microscope.
2. The artist's style was embryonic, with hints of brilliance yet to fully emerge.
3. The researchers discovered an embryonic gene that played a crucial role in the formation of the brain.
4. The team embarked on an ambitious project to explore the embryonic origins of life on Earth.
5. The startup had an embryonic business plan that needed further refinement before seeking investors.
6. The musician composed an embryonic melody that would later become a chart-topping hit.

History and etymology of embryonic

The adjective 'embryonic' is rooted in the word 'embryo,' which itself has its etymology in ancient Greek. 'Embryo' comes from the Greek word 'embryon,' meaning 'a young one' or 'an unborn or unhatched offspring.' The prefix 'em,' in this case, signifies 'in' or 'within.' Therefore, 'embryonic' refers to something that is in an early stage of development or existence, akin to an embryo. It is often used to describe processes, ideas, or entities that are in their initial or rudimentary phases, much like how an embryo represents the earliest stage of life. The term 'embryonic' underscores the idea of something being in its formative or incipient state, highlighting its connection to the concept of growth and development from a very early stage.

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Further usage examples of embryonic

1. The field of quantum computing was still in its embryonic phase, with groundbreaking advancements yet to come.
2. The chef experimented with embryonic culinary techniques, blending flavors in innovative ways.
3. The poet's words captured the essence of an embryonic emotion, beautifully expressing the depths of human experience.
4. The environmentalist fought to protect the fragile ecosystems in their embryonic state.
5. The team of scientists cultivated embryonic stem cells in the lab, hoping to unlock their potential for regenerative medicine.
6. The philosopher explored the embryonic stages of moral reasoning in his groundbreaking thesis.
7. The fashion designer unveiled an embryonic collection, showcasing unique and unconventional designs.
8. The young athlete showed embryonic talent in their chosen sport, demonstrating immense potential for future success.
9. The political movement was still embryonic, with a small but passionate following.
10. The playwright crafted an embryonic script, laying the foundation for a compelling theatrical production.
11. The researchers studied the embryonic language acquisition process in children, unraveling the complexities of linguistic development.
12. The technology company invested heavily in embryonic technologies, anticipating future breakthroughs.
13. The conservationist worked tirelessly to protect the embryonic habitats of endangered species, ensuring their survival for generations to come.
14. The embryonic ideas in his mind slowly began to take shape.
15. The team worked tirelessly on the embryonic project's blueprint.
16. Her passion for art was in its embryonic stage during childhood.
17. The startup aimed to revolutionize an embryonic industry.
18. In the embryonic phase of his career, he faced numerous challenges.
19. The embryonic forest was filled with young saplings and promise.
20. Science fiction often explores the possibilities of embryonic technology.
21. The embryonic democracy faced its first true test of resilience.
22. The city's skyline was dominated by embryonic skyscrapers.
23. The musician's embryonic talent soon blossomed into greatness.
24. Their friendship formed during the embryonic days of school.



nascent, mature, developed, advanced


Prefix em-, ACT 8 (American College Testing), Ecological Diversity and Sustainability, Growth and Development

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