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unrestrained, restricted, limited, confined


Personality and Character Traits, Boundaries and Limits, Emancipation and Rebellion



How to pronounce unfettered (audio)


Dictionary definition of unfettered

Not restricted, limited, or bound by constraints, impediments, or hindrances.
"Citizens in a democracy should have the unfettered right to pick their own leader."

Detailed meaning of unfettered

When a situation, process, or individual is described as unfettered, it implies a state of freedom, autonomy, or unrestricted activity, allowing for unhindered progress or expression. This term conveys a sense of unburdened or unconstrained movement, often emphasizing the absence of obstacles, regulations, or inhibitions that might otherwise impede progress. For example, unfettered creativity suggests the freedom to explore and express ideas without any creative limitations or restrictions. "Unfettered" underscores the idea of unencumbered and liberated action or thought, making it a term associated with the absence of restraints or limitations.

Example sentences containing unfettered

1. The child erupted with unfettered joy as the steam engine chugged into the station.
2. She was an unfettered artistic genius with a gallery of awe-inspiring masterpieces.
3. He was close to the President and had unfettered access to the senate.
4. The soldiers gave their unfettered loyalty to king and country.
5. The hallucinogenic experiece unlocked an unfettered imagination from the depth of his mind.
6. There is no such thing as free and unfettered press in the West anymore.

History and etymology of unfettered

The adjective 'unfettered' derives its meaning from its rich etymological origins. It is composed of two elements: 'un-' and 'fettered.' The prefix 'un-' is a common English prefix used to denote the negation or absence of a quality, in this case, 'fettered.' 'Fettered' itself comes from the Middle English word 'feter,' which refers to a chain or shackle used to restrain or bind someone or something. The word 'feter' can be traced back to the Old English 'feter' and the Proto-Germanic 'fetero.' When combined with the negating prefix 'un-,' it forms 'unfettered,' conveying the idea of something not being restricted, limited, or bound by constraints, impediments, or hindrances. Thus, the etymology of 'unfettered' highlights its inherent meaning of freedom from restraint and unbridled liberty.

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Further usage examples of unfettered

1. The artist's creativity was unfettered, and she was able to create freely without any constraints.
2. The company's growth was unfettered, and it quickly became a dominant player in the market.
3. She was an unfettered spirit, always ready to explore new ideas and experiences.
4. The organization's mission was unfettered, and it worked tirelessly to achieve its goals.
5. He was an unfettered thinker, always willing to challenge conventional wisdom and explore new ideas.
6. The company's expansion was unfettered, and it quickly established a presence in markets around the world.
7. She was an unfettered learner, always seeking out new knowledge and experiences.
8. The organization's efforts to help those in need were unfettered, and it worked tirelessly to make a positive difference.
9. He was an unfettered explorer, always seeking out new adventures and challenges.
10. The company's growth was unfettered, and it quickly became a major player in the industry.
11. She was an unfettered spirit, always ready to take on new challenges and push boundaries.
12. The organization's efforts to make a positive impact on the world were unfettered, and it worked tirelessly to achieve its goals.
13. Her unfettered creativity knows no bounds; she's a true artist.
14. In the wilderness, he felt a sense of unfettered freedom.
15. The internet provides unfettered access to vast information.
16. The child's unfettered curiosity led to many discoveries.
17. They embarked on a journey of unfettered exploration.
18. The novel's plot unfolded with unfettered imagination.
19. A blank canvas offers artists a space for unfettered expression.
20. His wealth allowed him to enjoy an unfettered lifestyle.
21. In the digital age, communication is often unfettered.
22. She danced with unfettered passion and grace.
23. The company's success led to unfettered growth.
24. The open road symbolized a life of unfettered possibilities.

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