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How to pronounce uninhibited (audio)


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Dictionary definition of uninhibited

Unrestrained and free from inhibitions or social norms.
"She danced with uninhibited joy, not caring who was watching."


Detailed meaning of uninhibited

Someone who is uninhibited may act without concern for the opinions or judgments of others, and may feel comfortable expressing themselves in ways that others might consider inappropriate or unconventional. They may be spontaneous, impulsive, and fearless in their actions, and may be unafraid to explore new ideas or experiences. People who are uninhibited may be seen as carefree and adventurous, but their behavior can also be seen as risky or inappropriate in certain contexts. Ultimately, being uninhibited is a personal choice, and can be both liberating and challenging.

Example sentences containing uninhibited

1. The artist's work was a reflection of her uninhibited creativity.
2. She expressed her feelings with uninhibited honesty.
3. He approached the task with an uninhibited enthusiasm.
4. Their relationship was marked by uninhibited passion.
5. The party was a celebration of uninhibited fun and revelry.
6. She had an uninhibited approach to life, taking risks and following her heart.

History and etymology of uninhibited

The adjective 'uninhibited' is formed by adding the prefix 'un-' to the word 'inhibited.' 'Inhibited' itself originates from the Latin word 'inhibere,' which consists of 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'habere,' meaning 'to have' or 'to hold.' This Latin root conveys the idea of holding back or restraining. Therefore, 'inhibited' originally meant 'restrained' or 'held back.' When the prefix 'un-' is added, it negates this restraint, resulting in 'uninhibited,' which describes a state of being unrestrained and free from inhibitions or social norms. The etymology of 'uninhibited' highlights the absence of restrictions or constraints, allowing for a sense of freedom and openness in one's actions, thoughts, or behaviors.

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Further usage examples of uninhibited

1. The children played with uninhibited abandon, running and shouting freely.
2. The singer's performance was marked by uninhibited emotion and raw power.
3. The dancer moved with an uninhibited grace, expressing herself through movement.
4. The book was praised for its uninhibited exploration of controversial topics.
5. She danced with uninhibited joy, twirling under the starry night sky without a care in the world.
6. His uninhibited laughter, hearty and contagious, filled the room, spreading smiles to all who heard it.
7. The artist's uninhibited creativity knew no bounds, leading to a diverse portfolio of unique and thought-provoking works.
8. During their uninhibited conversation, they bared their souls, sharing intimate stories and deepest fears.
9. The children played with uninhibited enthusiasm, running through the fields, their laughter echoing in the breeze.
10. The comedian's uninhibited humor, unafraid to tackle taboo topics, challenged societal norms and provoked laughter and contemplation.
11. Her uninhibited spirit, marked by a fearless pursuit of her dreams, served as an inspiration to those lucky enough to know her.
12. The beach offered a sense of uninhibited freedom, where the waves kissed the shore and the sun warmed the souls of beachgoers.
13. The actor's performance was raw and uninhibited, drawing the audience into a world of genuine emotion and vulnerability.
14. The uninhibited crowd, lost in the thrill of the moment, celebrated their team's victory with wild cheers and chants.
15. The writer's uninhibited prose, unbound by convention, challenged readers to explore new perspectives and ideas.
16. The party was a night of uninhibited revelry, where inhibitions melted away, and strangers became fast friends.
17. His uninhibited nature, marked by an insatiable curiosity and a fearless spirit, made him a natural-born explorer.
18. The club was known for its uninhibited atmosphere, where dancers moved to the rhythm of their hearts without judgment.
19. She expressed her deepest feelings in an uninhibited journal, allowing her innermost thoughts to flow freely onto the pages.
20. The artist's uninhibited brushstrokes, driven by raw emotion, conveyed a depth of feeling that resonated with viewers.
21. Their uninhibited love story, defying societal expectations and norms, was a testament to the power of genuine connection.
22. The singer's uninhibited vocals, soaring with passion and intensity, moved the audience to tears of joy and admiration.
23. The uninhibited laughter of friends, echoing through the night, created lasting memories of warmth and camaraderie.
24. The uninhibited dance performance, a mesmerizing display of skill and passion, left the audience in awe, with thunderous applause filling the theater.



unrestrained, reserved, inhibited, constrained


SAT 6 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Conduct and Character, Expression and Communication

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