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How to pronounce untidy (audio)


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Dictionary definition of untidy

Characterized by disorder, lack of organization, or a lack of cleanliness.
"Despite her best efforts, her hair remained untidy and unruly, refusing to be tamed."


Detailed meaning of untidy

When referring to a person or their appearance, it suggests that their physical appearance is messy or disheveled. An untidy room or space indicates a lack of neatness, with items scattered or in disarray. The untidiness may extend to the person's thoughts, actions, or habits, implying a lack of organization or structure. It conveys a sense of chaos, disarray, or neglect, highlighting the need for tidiness, organization, and cleanliness to restore order and create a more visually pleasing and efficient environment.

Example sentences containing untidy

1. The teenager's bedroom was untidy, with clothes strewn across the floor and books piled haphazardly on the desk.
2. The kitchen sink was filled with unwashed dishes, creating an untidy and unpleasant sight.
3. The professor's handwriting on the blackboard was untidy and difficult to read.
4. The garden had become overgrown and untidy, with weeds overtaking the flower beds.
5. The employee's desk was always untidy, with papers and files scattered in disarray.
6. The children's playroom was a constant mess, with toys and games left untidy after each playtime.

History and etymology of untidy

The adjective 'untidy' can be deconstructed into its root word, 'tidy.' In this term, the prefix 'un-' is used to negate or reverse the quality of being 'tidy.' 'Tidy' has its origins in the Middle English word 'tidi,' which meant 'in good condition' or 'neat and in order.' It is related to the Old English word 'tīdian,' which means 'to happen at a certain time' or 'to occur in due course.' Over time, 'tidy' evolved in the English language to describe something or someone that is characterized by order, neatness, or cleanliness. Consequently, 'untidy' signifies the opposite, denoting something or someone characterized by disorder, a lack of organization, or a lack of cleanliness, often implying a sense of untidiness or messiness. Its etymology is deeply rooted in the historical development of 'tidy' and the use of 'un-' to convey the absence of neatness or order.

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Further usage examples of untidy

1. The construction site was untidy, with building materials and debris scattered all around.
2. The restaurant's restroom was untidy, with paper towels overflowing from the trash bin.
3. The artist's studio was an untidy paradise of paints, brushes, and unfinished canvases.
4. The teenager's backpack was untidy, with crumpled papers and loose pens jumbled together.
5. The computer cables under the desk were tangled and untidy, making it difficult to find the right connection.
6. His desk is always untidy with papers strewn everywhere.
7. The room looked untidy, with clothes scattered on the floor.
8. She found the kitchen in an untidy state after the party.
9. Their garden had become overgrown and untidy.
10. The living room appeared untidy with toys scattered about.
11. The unkempt yard was untidy and overgrown with weeds.
12. The unorganized files made the office desk look untidy.
13. His handwriting was so messy it made the note untidy.
14. The messy paint job left the walls looking untidy.
15. The unmade bed added to the untidy appearance of the room.
16. The dirty dishes in the sink made the kitchen untidy.
17. The cluttered shelves made the library look untidy.
18. Her hair was untidy and fell in disarray over her shoulders.
19. The disheveled appearance of the room made it untidy.
20. The haphazard arrangement of books on the shelf was untidy.
21. The unwashed windows made the house look untidy from outside.
22. The crumpled papers made the wastebasket look untidy.
23. His unkempt beard contributed to his overall untidy appearance.
24. The unsorted laundry pile made the bedroom untidy.
25. The disorganized closet always looked untidy.



messy, neat, orderly, organized


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