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How to pronounce verboten (audio)

Dictionary definition of verboten

Prohibited, forbidden, or strictly off-limits, often due to rules, laws, or regulations.
"The activity was verboten and not allowed on the premises."

Detailed meaning of verboten

The adjective 'verboten' is a term borrowed from the German language that has found its way into English. It serves to describe something as strictly forbidden or prohibited. When an activity, behavior, or item is labeled as 'verboten,' it signifies that it is off-limits, not allowed, or banned, often under legal, societal, or authoritative constraints. The usage of 'verboten' conveys a sense of strong prohibition, making it clear that a particular action or object is strictly forbidden by established rules, regulations, or social norms. It is a term commonly employed in formal or official contexts to emphasize the severity of the restriction and to discourage individuals from engaging in the prohibited activity.

Example sentences containing verboten

1. Entering the restricted area is strictly verboten for unauthorized personnel.
2. Photography inside the museum is verboten to preserve artwork.
3. It's verboten to smoke in this no-smoking zone.
4. Crossing the barrier is verboten for safety reasons.
5. The use of cell phones during the exam is verboten.
6. Trespassing on private property is verboten by law.

History and etymology of verboten

The adjective 'verboten' has its etymological roots in German. It is derived from the German word 'verbot,' which means 'forbidden' or 'prohibited.' The word 'verbot' itself comes from the German verb 'verbieten,' meaning 'to forbid' or 'to prohibit.' In English, 'verboten' is used to describe something that is strictly off-limits, prohibited, or forbidden, often due to rules, laws, or regulations. The term has retained its German origin, and its use emphasizes the stern and authoritative nature of the prohibition, reflecting a sense of strict adherence to established rules or norms.

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Further usage examples of verboten

1. Verboten activities may result in severe penalties.
2. In this nature reserve, hunting is strictly verboten.
3. Unauthorized access to classified information is verboten.
4. Alcohol consumption by minors is verboten.
5. Parking in the handicapped space without a permit is verboten.
6. Skateboarding is verboten in the shopping center.
7. Littering in the park is verboten to keep it clean.
8. Unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted material is verboten.
9. It's verboten to disrupt the peace and quiet of the library.
10. Climbing the fence is verboten at the construction site.
11. Swimming after dark is verboten for safety reasons.
12. Leaving the campsite without extinguishing the fire is verboten.
13. Using company resources for personal projects is verboten.
14. Hiking off designated trails is verboten to protect the ecosystem.
15. The behavior was verboten and strictly prohibited by company policy.
16. The activity was verboten and not allowed under any circumstances.
17. The topic was verboten and not to be discussed in public.
18. The practice was verboten and strictly forbidden by law.
19. The substance was verboten and illegal to possess or use.
20. The action was verboten and not tolerated within the organization.
21. The language was verboten and not to be used in the workplace.
22. The idea was verboten and not to be considered by the decision-making committee.
23. The discussion was verboten and not to be brought up in the meeting.
24. The behavior was verboten and could result in termination of employment.
25. The use of that word was verboten and not allowed in polite conversation.



forbidden, allowed, permitted, sanctioned


Suffix -en, GRE 5 (Graduate Record Examination), Dominance and Dissent, Rejection and Renunciation, Rules and Regulations

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