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How to pronounce vivacious (audio)


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Dictionary definition of vivacious

Exuding a lively and spirited personality, brimming with enthusiasm and boundless energy.
"They were an enviable family with three vivacious young daughters."

Detailed meaning of vivacious

When we characterize an individual as vivacious, we emphasize their vibrant and spirited nature, often marked by an infectious zest for living in the moment. Vivacious people tend to exude a magnetic energy, radiating charm, and a love for socializing and engaging with others. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and they approach life with a lively and effervescent demeanor. This term conveys a sense of being animated and effusive, suggesting that vivacious individuals find joy and vitality in every experience, and their presence can light up a room. Whether it's their vivacious laughter, vivacious storytelling, or vivacious approach to new adventures, this adjective underscores their dynamic and vivacious qualities, making them a joy to be around.

Example sentences containing vivacious

1. She was a strong and vivacious woman with endless passion and enthusiasm.
2. Her vivacious and elegant mother was considered the head of the family.
3. She is an outgoing and vivacious girl who has a successful future ahead of her.
4. Every year he attended the function with a new and vivacious young woman on his arm.
5. He knew the pretty and vivacious young woman was well out of his league.
6. Everyone was thrilled when she brought a vivacious energy to the team.

History and etymology of vivacious

The adjective 'vivacious' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'vivax,' which means 'lively' or 'full of life,' and is related to 'vivere,' meaning 'to live.' When someone is described as 'vivacious,' it suggests that they exude a lively and spirited personality, brimming with enthusiasm and boundless energy. They seem to embrace life with zest and vitality. 'Vivacious' individuals are often characterized by their effervescent and animated nature, radiating an infectious enthusiasm that uplifts those around them. Therefore, the etymology of 'vivacious' reflects its historical connection to the concept of liveliness and vitality, underscoring its role in describing individuals who bring life and energy to their interactions, as conveyed by its linguistic roots.

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Further usage examples of vivacious

1. She was a vivacious young woman who always had a smile on her face.
2. The party was full of vivacious energy and everyone had a great time.
3. He was known for his vivacious personality and his ability to light up a room.
4. The vivacious music filled the air and got everyone moving.
5. She had a vivacious sense of humor that always made people laugh.
6. The vivacious flowers in the garden added a splash of color to the scenery.
7. His vivacious performance on stage left the audience in awe.
8. She was admired for her vivacious spirit and her positive attitude.
9. The vivacious decorations at the party set the mood for a fun night.
10. He was a vivacious young man with a bright future ahead of him.
11. The vivacious paint on the walls made the room feel lively and inviting.
12. She was known for her vivacious energy and her ability to inspire others.
13. Her vivacious personality lights up any room she enters.
14. The children's laughter was a testament to their vivacious spirits.
15. He charmed everyone with his vivacious and engaging storytelling.
16. The vivacious dancer captivated the audience with her graceful moves.
17. Even in old age, she remained vivacious and full of zest for life.
18. The vivacious puppy brought joy to the entire family.
19. The party came alive when the vivacious DJ started spinning tracks.
20. Her vivaciousness was contagious, inspiring others to be more lively.
21. The vivacious cheerleader rallied the crowd with her enthusiasm.
22. The vivacious explorer fearlessly ventured into the unknown.
23. His vivacious sense of humor kept everyone entertained for hours.
24. With her vivacious energy, she made every day feel like an adventure.



lively, listless, lethargic, dull


SAT 8 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Vitality and Vigor, Excitement and Enthusiasm

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