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How to pronounce vocational (audio)

Dictionary definition of vocational

Focusing on developing specific skills for a particular trade or occupation.
"The vocational programs were designed to prepare students for specific jobs."

Detailed meaning of vocational

It is often contrasted with academic education, which is focused on more general knowledge and critical thinking skills. Vocational education can include on-the-job training, apprenticeships, and classes or programs offered at vocational schools or community colleges. The goal of vocational education is to prepare individuals for a specific job or career, such as a welder, electrician, or nurse.

Example sentences containing vocational

1. She pursued a vocational training program to become a certified nurse.
2. Vocational schools offer specialized courses in trades like plumbing and welding.
3. His vocational skills in carpentry made him a sought-after craftsman.
4. The vocational education system helps students gain practical skills.
5. She decided to switch to a vocational career after years in the corporate world.
6. Vocational rehabilitation programs assist individuals with disabilities in finding suitable employment.

History and etymology of vocational

The adjective 'vocational' finds its roots in the Latin word 'vocatio,' which means 'a calling' or 'summoning.' This term originally referred to a divine calling or a sense of destiny. Over time, it evolved to encompass the idea of a person's occupation or profession, reflecting the notion that one's career can be seen as a calling or chosen path in life. The concept of vocational education and training emerged as a way to prepare individuals for specific trades or professions, aligning their skills and knowledge with their chosen career paths. Today, 'vocational' is used to describe educational programs and institutions that focus on providing practical training and skills development tailored to specific trades, careers, or professions, emphasizing the practical application of knowledge in real-world contexts.

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Further usage examples of vocational

1. Many vocational courses require hands-on training in addition to classroom instruction.
2. The vocational counselor provided guidance on career choices.
3. His vocational aptitude test results suggested a strong interest in mechanics.
4. The vocational center offers job placement assistance to graduates.
5. Vocational programs are designed to prepare students for specific careers.
6. Her vocational training as an electrician led to a stable job.
7. The vocational school provided a pathway to a fulfilling career in culinary arts.
8. He attended a vocational college to become a certified automotive technician.
9. Vocational education often focuses on practical skills rather than theoretical knowledge.
10. The vocational training program emphasized real-world experience.
11. Vocational courses can lead to certifications that are highly valued by employers.
12. Many students choose vocational education as a pathway to gainful employment.
13. His vocational skills in welding made him a valuable asset in the construction industry.
14. Vocational education can open doors to a variety of trades and professions.
15. The vocational curriculum includes internships to gain practical experience.
16. She enrolled in a vocational program to become a licensed cosmetologist.
17. Vocational training programs are tailored to the needs of specific industries.
18. Vocational education prepares individuals for jobs that are in demand.
19. The vocational center offers a range of courses to meet diverse career interests.



occupational, general, broad, unfocused


SAT 14 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Advancement and Improvement, Business and Commerce

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