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How to pronounce vociferous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of vociferous

Loud and outspoken in expressing opinions or feelings.
"The crowd was vociferous in their support for the home team."

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Detailed meaning of vociferous

It is often used to describe a person who speaks or shouts in a very loud and forceful way, especially in order to express disapproval or protest. It can also be used to describe a person who is very active and vocal in expressing their views or ideas. This word is often used to describe a person who is very passionate about something and is not afraid to speak out about it in a loud and assertive manner. It can also be used to describe a group of people who are making a lot of noise, usually in a public protest or demonstration. The term can also be used to describe something that is loud and hard to ignore, such as a vociferous debate or a vociferous crowd.

Example sentences containing vociferous

1. She was well-known for her vociferous comedy routine.
2. The opposition was vociferous in their condemnation of the new policy.
3. The protesters were vociferous in their demand for change.
4. The individual was vociferous in their defense of their beliefs.
5. The teacher was met with vociferous objections from the class.
6. The debate became vociferous as the candidates clashed on stage.

History and etymology of vociferous

The adjective 'vociferous' derives its etymology from Latin, specifically from the word 'vociferari,' which is a combination of 'vocare,' meaning 'to call' or 'to shout,' and 'ferre,' meaning 'to carry.' This Latin term conveys the idea of loudly carrying one's voice or opinions. Over time, 'vociferous' came to describe individuals who are loud and outspoken in expressing their opinions, feelings, or objections. The etymology of 'vociferous' encapsulates the notion of making one's voice heard through vehement and often noisy expression, reflecting a strong and vocal stance on a particular matter.

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Further usage examples of vociferous

1. The customer was vociferous in their complaint to the manager.
2. The audience was vociferous in their applause for the actor's performance.
3. The parents were vociferous in their opposition to the new curriculum.
4. The group was vociferous in their call for accountability from the government.
5. The crowd was vociferous in their condemnation of the controversial speaker.
6. The opponents were vociferous in their criticism of the proposed legislation.
7. The vociferous protest echoed through the streets, demanding change.
8. His vociferous objections to the plan were heard by all in the room.
9. The crowd's vociferous cheers greeted the victorious team.
10. She became vociferous in advocating for environmental protection.
11. The debate grew vociferous as opposing views clashed.
12. His vociferous laughter could be heard from miles away.
13. The vociferous critics did not hold back in their scathing reviews.
14. The teacher appreciated the vociferous participation of students in class.
15. The political rally was marked by vociferous chants and slogans.
16. The courtroom was filled with vociferous arguments from both sides.
17. Her vociferous support for the candidate was unwavering.
18. The vociferous condemnation of injustice rallied the community.
19. The journalist's vociferous reporting exposed corruption.
20. The football fans were vociferous in their loyalty to the team.
21. His vociferous objections to the policy changes were well-documented.
22. The labor union's vociferous demands led to negotiations.
23. The vociferous celebration continued long into the night.
24. The online forum was a platform for vociferous debates.
25. The politician faced vociferous opposition at the town hall meeting.
26. Her vociferous advocacy for human rights earned her recognition.



noisy, quiet, silent, soft-spoken


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