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How to pronounce zealot (audio)

Dictionary definition of zealot

A person who is extremely enthusiastic and dedicated to a particular cause or idea.
"He was a religious zealot who devoted his life to God."

Detailed meaning of zealot

The term can be used to describe someone who is passionate about their religious beliefs, political views, or other convictions. A zealot may be willing to go to great lengths to promote or defend their beliefs, even at the expense of their own well-being or that of others. The term can also be used to describe someone who is excessively fanatical or dogmatic in their approach to a subject. It is often associated with religious context, where a zealot is a person who is fanatically devoted to their religious beliefs. They may be willing to use violence or other extreme measures to defend or promote their beliefs.

Example sentences containing zealot

1. She was not just a fan, she was a zealot, always defending her favorite band.
2. His brother was a political zealot, constantly arguing about government policies.
3. The peaceful protest was hijacked by zealots who sought to incite violence.
4. His father was a health zealot, always promoting the benefits of a vegan diet.
5. She lived her life as a zealot of justice, fighting tirelessly for the rights of the oppressed.
6. The professor was a zealot of education, passionately advocating for its power in changing lives.

History and etymology of zealot

The noun 'zealot' has its etymological origins in ancient Judea. It is derived from the Aramaic word 'ḥanqā,' which means 'zealous' or 'enthusiastic.' This term was used in the context of a Jewish sect known as the Zealots, who were active during the first century CE. The Zealots were fervently dedicated to the cause of Jewish independence and the expulsion of Roman rulers from Judea. Over time, the term 'Zealot' became associated with anyone who exhibited extreme enthusiasm and dedication to a particular cause or idea. In this broader sense, a 'zealot' is characterized by their unwavering passion and fervor for their chosen belief or objective. The etymology of 'zealot' reflects its historical connection to a specific group of fervent activists and underscores the idea of intense devotion and enthusiasm that defines modern usage of the term.

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Further usage examples of zealot

1. Although I agree with his views, his zealot-like approach can sometimes alienate people.
2. He was a tech zealot, always having the latest gadgets and software.
3. She was a literary zealot, fervently believing in the transformative power of books.
4. Environmental zealots protested outside the company, highlighting the damage it was causing to the ecosystem.
5. She was a fitness zealot, making it a point to work out every single day.
6. He is a true sports zealot, spending every weekend either playing or watching his favorite games.
7. They called her a zealot for her unwavering support of the controversial politician.
8. He was seen as a zealot for his passionate support of the space exploration project.
9. Zealots often risk alienating others with their uncompromising dedication to their beliefs.
10. The animal rights zealot was known for her daring protests and sit-ins.
11. He was a religious zealot, basing every decision in his life on his faith.
12. The business zealot worked tirelessly, turning a small startup into a global company.
13. He was an intellectual zealot, deeply committed to the pursuit of knowledge.
14. She was seen as a zealot in the art community, promoting avant-garde works above all else.



fanatic, moderate, indifferent, uncommitted


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