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Interactive Flashcards: Prefix en- Words

Dive into the "en-" prefix, signifying 'to make' or 'to put in'. Words like "enrich" and "enlighten" demonstrate this transformative effect, offering a gateway to a richer and more nuanced vocabulary.



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Complete Vocabulary List for Prefix en-

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enamor, enamored, enchant, enchanting, enchantment, enclave, enclosure, encompass, encompassing, encounter, encourage, encouragement, encouraging, encroach, encrypt, encumber, encumbrance, endearing, endeavor, endemic, endocrine, endogenous, endorse, endorsement, endow, endowment, endure, enduring, energetic, energize, enervate, enervated, engage, engender, engorge, engrain, engross, engulf, enhance, enhancement, enigma, enlarge, enlightened, enlist, ennoble, ennui, enrage, enraged, enrapture, enrich, enrichment, ensconce, ensemble, enshrine, ensign, ensnare, ensuing, ensure, entail, enthral, enthrall, enthusiasm, enthusiast, enthusiastic, entice, entitled, entitlement, entrancing, entrapment, entreat, entrench, entrenched, entropy, entwine, enumerate, enunciate, envelop, envisage, envision, envoy, enzyme

Prefix en-

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