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Examples of 'abstinence' in a Sentence

1. Abstinence requires discipline and willpower.
2. The organization offers support for those practicing abstinence from drugs.
3. Abstinence can be a challenging but rewarding journey.
4. The study showed a correlation between abstinence and improved mental well-being.
5. The speaker shared her personal journey of abstinence to inspire others.
6. Abstinence is a key component in addiction recovery programs.
7. The program promotes abstinence as the best approach to preventing HIV transmission.
8. The decision to practice abstinence is deeply personal and varies for each individual.
9. The importance of abstinence education is debated among experts.
10. The youth group discussed the benefits of abstinence during their meeting.
11. He decided to commit to a period of abstinence to reflect on his habits.
12. The counselor provided guidance and resources for practicing abstinence.
13. Abstinence is often seen as a form of self-control and empowerment.
14. The success stories of individuals practicing abstinence serve as inspiration for others.

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