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Examples of 'aroma' in a Sentence

1. A hint of vanilla aroma lingered, a remnant of the freshly baked cookies.
2. Incense sticks burned, their smoky aroma cleansing the room’s energy.
3. The pungent aroma of garlic signaled the preparation of a delicious Italian feast.
4. Candles cast a soft glow, their aroma a mix of lavender and sandalwood.
5. The aroma of pine needles was a sure sign that Christmas was near.
6. Autumn leaves created an earthy aroma that announced the arrival of fall.
7. The forest exuded a fresh, green aroma after the gentle afternoon rainfall.
8. A blend of exotic spices unleashed a vibrant aroma throughout the bustling market.
9. The salty aroma of the ocean air was refreshing, invoking a sense of calm.
10. A delicate floral aroma emanated from the bouquet of freshly picked wildflowers.
11. A waft of chocolate aroma escaped the shop, making passersby’s mouths water.
12. The aroma of grilled meat filled the air during the neighborhood barbecue party.
13. Each page of the old book exuded a nostalgic aroma, whispering tales of the past.
14. The aroma of fresh-cut grass signaled the onset of a warm, sunny afternoon.
15. The aroma of freshly baked bread filled the kitchen, making everyone's mouths water.
16. As I entered the flower shop, the delicate aroma of roses and lilies enveloped me.
17. The aroma of brewing coffee wafted through the café, enticing customers with its rich and inviting scent.
18. The aromatic spices in the curry dish created a mouthwatering aroma that lingered in the air.
19. Walking through the forest, I was greeted by the earthy aroma of damp leaves and moss.
20. The sweet aroma of vanilla and cinnamon filled the air as the baker prepared a batch of warm, freshly baked cookies.
21. The aroma of freshly cut grass brought back memories of carefree summer days.
22. Stepping into the spa, I was immediately enveloped by the calming aroma of lavender and eucalyptus.
23. The aroma of a smoky barbecue filled the backyard, signaling the start of a delicious outdoor feast.
24. The subtle aroma of a fine wine danced around the wine glass, adding to the anticipation of its taste.
25. The bakery was filled with the delightful aroma of pastries, tempting customers with their sweet and buttery scents.

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