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Examples of 'aura' in a Sentence

1. The painting seemed to emit an aura of melancholy and nostalgia.
2. The city's vibrant arts scene added an aura of creativity to the atmosphere.
3. The garden was filled with an aura of serenity and tranquility.
4. The historical site had an aura of significance and historical importance.
5. The politician projected an aura of authority and leadership.
6. The ancient ruins carried an aura of mysticism and ancient wisdom.
7. The stormy sky created an aura of impending rain.
8. The author's presence brought an aura of excitement to the book signing event.
9. The guru's teachings created an aura of enlightenment among his followers.
10. The crowded marketplace had an aura of liveliness and bustling activity.
11. The old library had an aura of knowledge and wisdom contained within its walls.
12. The musician's aura of passion and dedication was evident in every note he played.
13. The mountain peak was surrounded by an aura of mist and fog, creating a mystical atmosphere.
14. The aura of the forest was serene and peaceful.

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