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Examples of 'avert' in a Sentence

1. The team brainstormed solutions to avert the project from failing.
2. The homeowner installed a security system to avert break-ins.
3. The teacher's intervention averted a potential bullying incident in the classroom.
4. The driver swerved to avert hitting a deer on the road.
5. She acted decisively to avert a potential disaster at work, saving the project.
6. Quick thinking and teamwork are crucial to avert a crisis in emergency situations.
7. Widespread vaccination programs have helped avert deadly diseases.
8. Regular maintenance of machinery and equipment can avert accidents and breakdowns.
9. They implemented cost-cutting measures to avert a looming financial crisis.
10. His diplomatic skills were instrumental in helping avert a conflict in the region.
11. Defensive driving techniques can avert accidents and ensure road safety.
12. Skilled negotiators aim to avert international conflicts through diplomacy.
13. Timely medical intervention can avert complications and improve patient outcomes.
14. Environmental conservation efforts seek to avert natural disasters and protect ecosystems.
15. Their swift and coordinated response averted a major setback in the project.
16. Preparedness and disaster planning can avert many emergencies and save lives.
17. Early detection of diseases through screenings can avert serious health issues.
18. Preventive measures, such as regular maintenance, can avert costly equipment problems.
19. Their effective collaboration and communication averted a potential disaster.
20. The warning sign posted in advance helped avert a catastrophe at the construction site.
21. Through skillful negotiations, they managed to avert a potential lawsuit.
22. Providing proper training to employees can avert workplace accidents and injuries.
23. Swift and strategic financial decisions can avert the risk of financial ruin.
24. Diligent quality control can avert costly mistakes in manufacturing processes.


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