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How to pronounce impede (audio)

Dictionary definition of impede

To obstruct, hinder, or slow down the progress or movement of someone or something.
"His lack of confidence might impede his chances of winning."

Detailed meaning of impede

When an obstacle or barrier is said to impede, it creates difficulties, delays, or restrictions, making it harder for a process, action, or individual to proceed smoothly or reach its intended destination or goal. Impeding can occur in various contexts, from physical impediments that block a path to bureaucratic regulations that slow down administrative processes. This term emphasizes the interference or resistance that prevents the natural or efficient flow of events or actions, often requiring effort or adjustments to overcome the obstacles and continue forward.

Example sentences containing impede

1. Heavy traffic can impede your daily commute and cause frustration.
2. Language barriers can impede effective communication in diverse teams.
3. Bureaucratic processes often impede timely decision-making.
4. Fear of failure should never impede your pursuit of dreams.
5. Injuries can impede an athlete's performance on the field.
6. Lack of proper resources can impede a project's success.

History and etymology of impede

The verb 'impede' has its etymology rooted in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'impedire,' which combines 'in,' meaning 'in' or 'into,' and 'pes,' meaning 'foot.' Therefore, 'impede' etymologically conveys the notion of something 'getting in the way of one's feet' or 'hindering forward movement.' In its modern usage, 'impede' aptly describes the act of obstructing, hindering, or slowing down the progress or movement of someone or something. The etymology of 'impede' underscores its connection to physical obstacles that block or hinder forward motion, making it a fitting term for describing various forms of hindrance and obstruction in different contexts.

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Further usage examples of impede

1. Strong opposition can impede the passage of new legislation.
2. Bad weather can impede outdoor activities and travel plans.
3. Limited access to education can impede social mobility.
4. Misunderstandings can impede cooperation among team members.
5. Overthinking can impede your ability to make quick decisions.
6. The lack of resources will impede our progress in the project.
7. High taxes can impede economic growth.
8. Unexpected obstacles often impede scientific research.
9. The broken limb did nothing to impede his spirit.
10. Poor communication can impede effective team collaboration.
11. The storm could impede our travel plans for the weekend.
12. Health issues should never impede one's pursuit of happiness.
13. Financial constraints can impede the growth of small businesses.
14. Outdated technology can impede the efficiency of a workplace.
15. The dense forest will impede their march towards the enemy's camp.
16. Misunderstandings can impede the development of strong relationships.
17. The lack of clear instructions could impede our ability to complete the task on time.
18. Incorrect data will impede our analysis.
19. Corruption in the government can impede social progress.
20. Inadequate education can impede a country's development.
21. The lack of motivation can impede a student's academic success.
22. Traffic congestion will impede my arrival time.
23. Insufficient funding can impede the realization of innovative ideas.
24. A lack of understanding can impede the process of reconciliation.



obstruct, facilitate, accelerate, aid


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