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Examples of 'carbuncle' in a Sentence

1. The carbuncle of the abandoned building in the city center was a constant reminder of the area's economic decline.
2. He was embarrassed by the carbuncle of his old car among the shiny new models in the parking lot.
3. The carbuncle of the power lines running through the countryside was viewed as an unwelcome intrusion by many.
4. The carbuncle of the oil rig in the middle of the ocean was a blight on the otherwise picturesque landscape.
5. The carbuncle of the neon lights and loud music from the nearby club made it hard for the residents to sleep at night.
6. He had to undergo surgery to remove the painful carbuncle on his back.
7. The old factory stood like a carbuncle in the otherwise pristine landscape.
8. The skyscraper was a modern architectural carbuncle on the historic street.
9. The city council debated tearing down the urban carbuncle to restore the view.
10. The traffic jam was a persistent urban carbuncle during rush hour.
11. The shopping mall's design turned it into an architectural carbuncle.
12. The abandoned building became a graffiti-covered carbuncle in the neighborhood.
13. The dammed river created an eyesore of a carbuncle in the natural scenery.
14. The cluttered billboard was a visual carbuncle along the highway.
15. The eyes of the beholders were drawn to the building's architectural carbuncle.
16. The unsightly carbuncle of a parking lot spoiled the park's ambiance.
17. The enormous mansion was an ostentatious carbuncle in the quiet suburb.
18. The derelict shipwreck was a maritime carbuncle on the pristine beach.
19. The landfill was an environmental carbuncle in the otherwise green landscape.
20. The graffiti-covered train cars were an urban carbuncle along the tracks.
21. The construction site turned into an unsightly carbuncle in the neighborhood.
22. The nuclear power plant became a controversial carbuncle in the community.
23. The neglected playground was a recreational carbuncle in the city park.

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