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Examples of 'cipher' in a Sentence


1. The journalist uncovered a conspiracy using a cipher to hide messages in plain sight.
2. The ancient civilization used a unique cipher to record their history, which fascinated historians.
3. The mathematician developed a new cipher algorithm that was virtually unbreakable.
4. The treasure map was protected by a cipher that required a special key to decode.
5. The game designer included a cipher puzzle in the video game to challenge players.
6. The spy transmitted messages in an encrypted cipher, baffling his pursuers.
7. Cryptographers use advanced algorithms to decode complex ciphers.
8. The discovery of a mysterious cipher in an old manuscript sparked intrigue.
9. The criminal's ciphered notes revealed hidden plans.
10. Mathematicians love solving intricate numerical ciphers.
11. The intelligence agency employs a state-of-the-art cipher system.
12. The diary was filled with secret messages encoded in a personal cipher.
13. Cracking the enemy's cipher was a pivotal moment in the war.
14. He spent days trying to decipher the cryptic cipher.
15. The treasure chest contained a cipher key to a hidden vault.
16. During wartime, understanding enemy ciphers was crucial.
17. A mysterious book contained an undeciphered ciphered message.
18. The detective finally cracked the criminal's secret cipher.
19. The manuscript was a puzzle of ancient, indecipherable ciphers.
20. Her coded cipher remained an enigma to even the experts.
21. The ancient civilization used hieroglyphic ciphers to record their history.
22. The spies communicated securely using a complex cipher.
23. The codebreaker successfully decrypted the enemy's secret cipher.
24. Historians study historical ciphers to unravel past mysteries.
25. The cryptanalyst, renowned for breaking ciphers, tackled a new challenge.

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