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How to pronounce code (audio)

Dictionary definition of code

A system of rules, principles, or instructions that governs or regulates a particular domain or activity.
"The dress code for the restaurant specified no denim or sneakers."

Detailed meaning of code

It serves as a set of guidelines or standards that establish expectations and define acceptable behavior or practices within a specific context. Codes can exist in various forms, such as legal codes, moral codes, ethical codes, or codes of conduct. They are designed to provide structure, clarity, and consistency, enabling individuals or groups to navigate and interact within a defined framework. Codes often outline rights, responsibilities, obligations, and prohibitions, shaping the boundaries and norms of a given system or community. They can be written or unwritten, formal or informal, and can vary across different professions, industries, cultures, or organizations. Codes play a vital role in promoting order, fairness, and mutual understanding by providing a shared framework of expectations and promoting consistency and accountability.

Example sentences of code

1. The software engineer was tasked with reviewing and debugging the existing code.
2. The legal code outlined the rights and responsibilities of citizens within the country.
3. The dress code for the event required formal attire.
4. The student cracked the secret code to reveal the hidden message.
5. The Morse code was used to transmit messages during the early days of telecommunication.
6. The building inspector ensured that the construction met the local building codes.

History and etymology of code

The noun 'code' has a fascinating etymology that traces back to the Latin word 'codex,' which originally referred to a book or a manuscript, often containing a set of written laws or regulations. 'Codex' itself was derived from the Latin word 'caudex,' meaning the trunk or stem of a tree, which was used for inscribing or writing on wooden tablets in ancient times. Over the centuries, the term 'code' evolved to represent not just written laws but also a broader system of rules, principles, or instructions that govern a particular domain or activity. This evolution highlights the idea that just as written laws were once recorded in books or codices, various systems of rules and regulations are encoded to guide and regulate diverse aspects of human endeavors. Understanding the etymology of 'code' illuminates its historical connection to the concept of structured and organized guidelines that shape our societies and industries.

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Further usage examples of code

1. The company's code of conduct emphasized integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior.
2. The encryption code provided a secure way to protect sensitive information.
3. The hacker attempted to breach the system's security code.
4. The fire department enforced strict fire safety codes in public buildings.
5. The team of programmers collaborated to write clean and efficient code for the new software.
6. The software engineer wrote a complex code for the project.
7. The legal code provided guidelines for property disputes.
8. Following the dress code is essential in this workplace.
9. The genetic code determines an organism's characteristics.
10. The secret code unlocked the hidden compartment.
11. The moral code guided his ethical decision-making.
12. The QR code contained information about the product.
13. The building code ensured structural safety.
14. Programmers use source code to create applications.
15. The military code of conduct emphasized discipline.
16. The student cracked the code to the locked room.
17. The barista scanned the QR code for payment.
18. The country's criminal code outlined punishable offenses.
19. The Morse code was used for long-distance communication.
20. The dress code for the event was formal attire.
21. Encryption protects sensitive data with a secret code.
22. The highway code sets rules for safe driving.
23. The QR code on the menu linked to online reviews.
24. The legal code protects citizens' rights and freedoms.
25. The secret code revealed the treasure's location.


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