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Examples of 'comrade' in a Sentence


1. Comrades in the tech industry exchanged ideas and innovations.
2. During the protest, they stood shoulder to shoulder as comrades for change.
3. The volunteers worked together as comrades to aid disaster victims.
4. He relied on his comrades in the theater community for creative inspiration.
5. Through shared experiences, they became lifelong comrades in friendship.
6. The soldier saluted his fallen comrade with a heavy heart.
7. A loyal comrade always has your back in times of trouble.
8. She confided in her comrade about her personal struggles.
9. The activist addressed the crowd, urging them to stand together as comrades.
10. He relied on his comrade's expertise to complete the project.
11. The two childhood friends grew up as close comrades.
12. In the face of adversity, they leaned on each other as comrades.
13. The comrade's sacrifice was commemorated with a memorial service.
14. Their shared experiences in the war bound them as lifelong comrades.
15. She met her comrade during a volunteering trip abroad.
16. He lost contact with his old comrade after they moved to different cities.
17. The comrade's words of encouragement motivated everyone in the group.
18. A true comrade offers support and loyalty without hesitation.
19. They reunited as comrades after many years apart.
20. His comrade's dedication to the cause inspired him to do more.
21. The comrade's absence was felt deeply by the team.
22. Their bond as comrades was forged through years of shared challenges.
23. The comrade's unwavering commitment to justice was admirable.
24. The activist community mourned the loss of a beloved comrade.


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