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Examples of 'conduit' in a Sentence

1. The telephone lines followed a conduit beneath the street.
2. The bridge acted as a conduit for travelers crossing the river.
3. The tunnel served as a secure conduit for the escape.
4. The internet cable acts as a digital conduit for communication.
5. The ancient aqueduct served as a conduit for delivering water to the city.
6. A conduit of communication was established between the two countries.
7. The conductor guided the orchestra like a musical conduit.
8. The underground conduit was damaged during construction.
9. The messenger acted as a conduit for delivering important news.
10. The air ducts in the building acted as conduits for ventilation.
11. The conduit was clogged, causing water to overflow.
12. The highway served as a major conduit for transportation.
13. The company's CEO acted as a conduit between management and employees.
14. The cable TV line functions as a conduit for entertainment.
15. The sewer system is a vital conduit for waste disposal.
16. The river canyon acted as a natural conduit for water flow.
17. The conduit was insulated to prevent electrical accidents.
18. The supply chain serves as a conduit for delivering products to customers.
19. The diplomatic channel acted as a conduit for negotiations between the two nations.

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