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Examples of 'conglomerate' in a Sentence


1. The artist used a conglomerate of materials to create a stunning mixed-media piece.
2. Several conglomerate structures dot the city's skyline.
3. The financial strength of a conglomerate often shields its subsidiaries from economic downturns.
4. How did this conglomerate gain dominance in so many industries?
5. The origins of the conglomerate trace back to the early 20th century.
6. This isn't a single company; it's a conglomerate of various entities.
7. The conglomerate's yearly revenues exceed some small countries' GDPs.
8. Many are skeptical of the power and influence a single conglomerate can wield.
9. At the beach, we found an intriguing conglomerate stone with a mosaic of colorful pebbles.
10. Each brand within the conglomerate operates semi-autonomously.
11. The conglomerate's logo became synonymous with luxury and prestige.
12. A novel about the rise and fall of a powerful conglomerate hit the bestseller lists.
13. The conglomerate faced public backlash after its environmental practices were exposed.
14. Deciphering the conglomerate's complex structure is no easy task for financial analysts.

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