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Examples of 'deglutition' in a Sentence

1. Disorders like dysphagia can disrupt the smooth process of deglutition.
2. Effective deglutition involves precise timing and muscle coordination.
3. Swallowing disorders can impact the quality of life for many individuals.
4. Deglutition is a vital part of the digestive system's overall function.
5. Neurological conditions can sometimes affect deglutition reflexes.
6. Deglutition is a fascinating blend of voluntary and involuntary actions.
7. Understanding deglutition helps prevent choking and aspiration.
8. The oral phase of deglutition involves forming a bolus of food.
9. As we age, deglutition may become less efficient and more challenging.
10. Various medical therapies can aid in rehabilitating deglutition problems.
11. Deglutition difficulties may require modified diets and swallowing exercises.
12. Deglutition is a seamless process when functioning properly.
13. The study of deglutition encompasses anatomy, physiology, and pathology.
14. Proper deglutition ensures our bodies receive the sustenance they need.
15. After the deglutition of the pill, the patient began to feel relief from the pain.
16. Impaired deglutition can lead to choking and aspiration pneumonia.
17. The study of deglutition is known as dysphagia.
18. Infants have to learn how to control their deglutition reflex.
19. Certain medical conditions can affect deglutition, such as Parkinson's disease.
20. The process of deglutition is essential for proper nutrition and hydration.
21. The therapist taught the patient exercises to improve their deglutition.
22. Elderly people may experience difficulty with deglutition due to age-related changes.
23. Impaired deglutition can lead to malnutrition and dehydration.
24. The study of deglutition involves assessing the anatomy and physiology of the swallowing process.
25. Disorders of deglutition can be caused by structural abnormalities, neurological conditions, or muscle weakness.

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