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Examples of 'disconnection' in a Sentence

1. The disconnection between the artist and his audience was evident in the lukewarm response to his latest artwork.
2. The disconnection of the internet disrupted their online meeting and delayed important discussions.
3. The disconnection from social media allowed her to focus on her mental well-being.
4. The disconnection from nature left him yearning for the tranquility of the outdoors.
5. The disconnection between generations became apparent during the heated family gathering.
6. The disconnection of the cable TV caused her to miss the crucial moment of her favorite show.
7. The disconnection of the water supply affected the daily lives of the residents in the apartment complex.
8. The disconnection between the students and the curriculum led to a decline in academic performance.
9. The disconnection from traditional values was seen as a sign of progress by some, while others viewed it as a loss.
10. The disconnection between her words and her actions raised doubts about her sincerity.
11. The disconnection from the news allowed him to find solace in the simplicity of his own life.
12. The disconnection between the customer and the company's customer service department resulted in unresolved complaints.
13. The disconnection of the alarm system left the building vulnerable to unauthorized entry.
14. The disconnection between the writer's intention and the reader's interpretation led to a misunderstanding of the text.

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