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Spelling Bee: Governance and Authority Words

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Governance and Authority

absolutism, arbiter, aristocracy, armada, arsenal, authoritarian, autocratic, bravado, brazen, bureaucracy, cadre, caucus, chutzpah, conscript, coronation, coup-d'état, decree, demagogue, despot, de-facto, dignitary, dominion, echelon, edict, emeritus, excise, ex-officio, fiscal, forerunner, founder, garrison, habeas-corpus, harangue, hegemony, hierarchy, imperialism, imperium, incumbent, investiture, junta, kleptocracy, libertarian, mandate, maneuver, martial, militia, mogul, monarch, municipal, neoliberal, ombudsman, oracle, ordinance, patriarchy, patrician, personage, pioneering, plutocracy, politico, potentate, preside, principled, proletariat, promulgate, regalia, regent, repeal, righteous, sovereign, stratagem, subpoena, technocratic, theocracy, totalitarian, veto, wield

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