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Spelling Bee: 'Middle School 3' Vocabulary List

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Middle School 3

abode, accept, amok, amplify, apt, arcane, astonish, astute, austere, barrage, bloat, bolster, capacity, concord, crest, differentiate, dissuade, empowerment, engross, engulf, entice, fallible, fatigue, flippant, futile, horseplay, impress, incessant, influx, ingenuity, inseparable, intelligent, interrupt, intrigue, irksome, kind, kindle, labyrinth, liaison, lucid, meek, merge, notion, orbit, peaceful, peculiar, prefix, presumption, prize, pronounced, raise, registry, scrape, scrutiny, spurn, stagnate, subside, tarnish, terrestrial, tranquil, tsunami, unbridled, vista, wince, withdrawn

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