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How to pronounce abase (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'abase'

To lower in rank, position, or dignity, typically through actions or words that humiliate, degrade, or belittle someone or something.
"She tried to abase her rival's reputation by spreading malicious gossip and lies."

Detailed Meaning of 'abase'

When a person abases another, they diminish their status or self-esteem, often intentionally causing emotional or psychological harm. This term is associated with acts of humiliation, demeaning behavior, or derogatory comments that serve to reduce the subject's standing or self-worth. "Abase" highlights the power dynamics and negative impact of actions or words that seek to diminish someone's dignity or social standing, and it is generally considered hurtful and disrespectful behavior.

History and Etymology of 'abase'

The verb 'abase' has its etymological roots in Middle English and Old French. It is derived from the Old French word 'abaisser,' which means 'to lower' or 'to reduce.' In turn, 'abaisser' has its origins in the Latin word 'ad' (to) and 'bassus' (low), which means 'to lower to a lower position' or 'to lower in rank.' Over time, this term was adopted into Middle English as 'abase,' retaining its fundamental meaning of lowering in rank, position, or dignity, typically through actions or words that humiliate, degrade, or belittle someone or something. The etymology of 'abase' effectively conveys the concept of diminishing or degrading the standing or status of an individual or thing, emphasizing the act of reducing someone or something to a lower position or condition.

Examples of 'abase' in a Sentence

1. It is cruel to abase someone because of their cultural differences.
2. Some television shows seem to abase their guests for ratings.
3. The tyrant would abase his subjects to maintain his iron grip.
4. She decided to abase him publicly for the humiliation he had caused her.
5. No person should abase another simply for personal satisfaction.
6. The way they abase the innocent is completely unjust.
7. Some people use social media as a tool to abase others.
8. The corporate culture that encourages employees to abase each other is damaging.
9. To abase someone for their failures does not make you superior.
10. The bullies in the schoolyard would abase their peers without remorse.
11. If you try to abase me, I will stand my ground.
12. The ruling class would often abase the less fortunate to assert their dominance.
13. He chose to abase himself before the council in a plea for mercy.
14. When we abase others, we are only revealing our own insecurities.He was unwilling to abase himself by dressing up in a tutu and dancing on stage.
15. He would rather be unemployed than abase himself with a menial low-paid job.
16. He would never abase himself in front of his wife.
17. The president will never abase himself in front of the cameras.
18. The criminal was forced to abase himself before the judge.
19. The athlete refused to abase herself by accepting performance-enhancing drugs.





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